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Trigger shot feeling emotional

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Need some positive thoughts ladies. Last week I heard due to my low amh levels I would likely have less than average follicules growing. I started my short protocol stims. On my first monitoring scan I was told I was responding to the meds but only had 6 follicles. This morning I was told that one of those follicles is ready but the others may need a few more days. I may only now have 5 instead of 6. They debated whether best to collect on Friday or Monday. If collecting Friday there is a good chance the 1 ready follicle will be a good one, however there is no telling if the others will be ready on Friday but if waiting until Monday then I could loose the good one and the others may not be viable either. They decided they will do it on Friday and hope the others catch up in time so I have taken my trigger shot. In the short space of triggering everything has got very real. I’m just terrified that they will only get one and it may not be fertilised. Fingers crossed I’ll have at least 5 but I know even that isn’t a great number. Any positive stories out there of successful embies from limited number of eggs collected? Also how bad is the egg collection recovery? I’m wondering if I’m likely to be fit to work with children on Monday? Thanks all xx

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What a difficult decision to make!! Sending you a ton of positive energy hon.

A lot can change in just a few days so it's worth staying positive.

As for recovery, everyone's different but I would think you'll be ok by Mon, although maybe still a bit bloated and tender. Drink plenty of water, anaesthetic can leave you constipated - something to bear in mind when shopping for the weekend.

Wishing your little follicles the best of luck - and remember it's quality not quantity that counts here xxx

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Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ll try and remember quality is what is most important. Hopefully one of them is a little super follicle X

Hi, I didn’t respond to the injections as well as they hoped I might to the extent that it was suggested we think about not continuing with the cycle due to limited number of follicles but we decided to give it a chance and had four eggs collected. Three fertilised, one degenerated soon afterwards, we held out til day 5 and had one blastocyst - I’m now 11 weeks pregnant 😃 I know it’s difficult but it really only does take one so try to keep positive. Best of luck x

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LKT1 in reply to Star15

Thanks so much for sharing your positive story it has really helped, and congratulations! xx

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Star15 in reply to LKT1

How did it go yesterday? X

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LKT1 in reply to Star15

Thanks for asking. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Before the procedure they expected to only extract 4. However, against the odds we had 7 collected. 5 contained mature eggs so we went home positive. Sadly we had the update call and only 2 responded to ICSI but we have everything crossed and trying to stay positive that we will have one to implant on Monday for a day 3 transfer. They think it’s safer than to wait for a day 5. Hopefully if we are really lucky we will also have a spare for the freezer. 😬🤞🏻Xx

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Star15 in reply to LKT1

Gosh it’s such a crazy time isn’t it? I remember so well waiting for each call. It’s good news that you have 2, will you hear from the clinic tomorrow about how things are going or will their next contact be on Monday? Hope you’re managing to keep your mind off it a bit over the weekend but appreciate it’s not that easy! Keeping everything crossed for you x

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They are closed Sunday so I have been told to go in on Monday at 10.30am unless I hear from them at 8am Monday. I’m managing to have the odd break from it but then I’ll suddenly remember. Yes fingers crossed!xx

I was a poor responder to stimming and had to stimulate for 19 days, I think in the end I had 6 follicles, I got 4 eggs out of these, all 4 were fertilised through icsi, I got 1 5 day blast which sadly ended in chemical but was so much further than we ever expected, and 1 6 day blast which I'm doing a FET cycle for now. It's all about quality not numbers, try to stay positive. Good luck for tomorrow, hope u get some good quality eggs ☺all the best xox

Thank you so much! All the best with this cycle. Fingers crossed for you xx

Hello lovely, I just wanted to wish you lots of luck and sending lots of positivity and growing vibes to those follicles. Try find something to keep your mind busy and please don’t worry, what will be will be. One is the magic number. Are you having ICSI or IVF?

My egg collection was very straight forward and I wasn’t aware of anything.

Sending you lots of positive vibes, be nice to yourself and try relax as best you can (easier said then done I know!).

Keep us posted, Xx

I had the egg collection yesterday. We were fortunate to have 7 follicles, 5 with mature eggs but only have 2 remaining which were successful via ICSI. They have planned a 3 day transfer on Monday so keeping everything crossed xx

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jengi in reply to LKT1

Oh that’s wonderful. Good luck for Monday. Everything is crossed for you Xx

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