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Choosing a clinic for 2nd round of IVF in the South West


I had a round of IVF at Fertility Exeter back in October which failed - I responded well to the stimulation and 7 eggs were collected (From one ovary, as I lost one due to a large cyst) and 6 of these fertilised but unfortunately there were no optimal quality embryos available, so on Day 6, 2 blastocysts were transferred. I had a positive pregnancy test on test day but was bleeding heavily (I started with spotting a few days after the transfer) and when I tested again a few days later it was negative

I have since had surgery to remove my endometriosis, as recommended by the fertility doctor and am looking to start a 2nd round of IVF but I don't know whether to stick with Exeter or use Bristol (BCRM) or Bath (Care) instead

Exeter would be much more convenient for us and I really liked the fertility doctor but their results aren't as good as Bristol or Bath. I also had a few issues with Exeter - these wouldn't be enough alone to put me off doing IVF with them again but when combined with the success results I am wondering whether to use another clinic

I am 37, turning 38 in June and Exeter has 22% success with Birth rates per embryo transferred (under 38) whereas Bath & Bristol were 32% and 33% which is quite a difference. However for the over 38 age bracket Exeter and Bath were both 10% and Bristol was 14%

Any advice welcome! Am I worrying too much about success rates? Does anyone have any experience with any of these clinics?

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Hi just to say we are at care bath, youre not supposed to say over the forum about clinics but if you want to pm me i can let you know more. I reccomend them x

And i was told 15 to 20% and im 40 x


Hi. People replying to this post, please do so by private message, so you are not mentioning clinics/hospitals by name. Thank you. Diane

I’m sorry I just read this after posting about clinics but can’t delete my post or edit it? 💛

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Kirstylouisebuck

Hi. No worries, as people will reply by private message. Hope you get responses. Diane

Thank you 😊

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