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IVF south wales- clinic advice?


Hi all, currently researching clinics. TTC 3 years. 1 miscarraige 2 years ago. Just had laparoscopy and been diagnosed and treated for endometriosis. 2 blocked tubes and low AMH reserve for my age (33) means menopause likely at 40-45.

Waiting for NHS gyne consultant to refer me for IVF once she finds out i have had laparoscopy results privately (her secretary said to email her). This lap proceedure was the last barrier to IVF referral. Anyone have any experience of NHS IVF waiting list in swansea?

Had some private initial investigations done at London Womens Clinic Swansea, just comparing their pricing with that of CRGW in Llantrissant Cardiff for IVF, as there seems to be a variety of hidden costs and various definitions of success and caviates or loopholes on these multi cycle packages, seems like a super expensive minefield. Looking to hear from anyone with experiences of either clinic.

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A friend of a friend has done lot of research for ivf in Bath and she is going to access fertility in bath it’s a satillete one. Good luck xx I’m going to the one Ilantristnt xX

Netti451 in reply to Hidden

Hi claire. Thanks for the reply. Have you started treatment yet? What you think of the clinic? X

Hidden in reply to Netti451

My friend went and had really positive experiences. Went through all the tests was due to start treatment then got pregnant. So far so good. Lovely staff when we rang up, And got a good gut feeling so went with that. I’m looking at IUI first as we have unexplained infertility x

I just used London Women's Clinic for our last round after using BCRM in Bristol through two different consultants for 5 rounds. I can highly recommend London Women's Clinic. We went to their satellite office in Bristol and then over to Cardiff or the collection and transfer. Everyone at both centres were lovely. Good luck.xx

Carrie1992 in reply to precioce

Been to both clinics.Initially LWC then friend recommended CRGW as she was initially at LWC and then got pregnant at CRGW.

No real comparison in my opinion CRGW head and shoulders better in my opinion

Would you travel to Bristol? The clinic at southmead was fab when I used it x

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