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Still spotting


I know people say it’s very common after a BFP to spot but is there any way to help ease it? It is mainly when I wipe, but has been going on for 4 days now, some days hardly at all and others like today, a little bit more. Just finding it hard to think of anything else

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Sorry I don’t have any advise but had notice no replies so just wanted to say I have heard of lots of people that spot. Do try to be positive. Sending hope and positivity your way xx

Jam-master in reply to Leesara

Thanks so much for your reply, so thoughtful xx trying to stay positive 🙂

Aw bless you, I know it’s so hard not to think of anything else. I was spotting for best part of a week & sometimes it was quite red, other times pinky or brown. I have a pinky discharge sometimes still when I wipe. Read the replies on my previous couple of posts as the ladies really put my mind at rest 💕.

The more I read stuff the more common it seems to be to spot.

A good friend of mine spotted for a while & went on to have a baby girl with no problems. My sister in law bled during pregnancy and went on to have a baby girl just fine too. There are some comforting outcomes to be had. It’s just getting ourselves to believe it. Easier said than done, but try not to fret too much xxx

Thanks! I think that I just felt bad earlier as it had got quite red, but it’s eased off again. Just it’s hard like you say, to not think about it constantly. I’m still exhausted and every day for the past few days in the afternoon I feel hideous and sick so that’s a good thing too lol

Well that’s a good sign you’re feeling a bit sick!! Although horrible at the time I’m sure lol. Nice to feel a symptom!

I saw on some of your other replies that you’re using pessaries twice a day. Is it cyclogest? When I spoke to my consultant about my spotting she upped them to 3 times a day to get more progesterone into me.... maybe that’s something you could run passed your clinic? I take them anally - it’s less messy! Also read that taking them vaginally can cause spotting sometimes!

Hope this helps a bit anyway. Always here if you need to chat 😊 xx

Thanks so much, but yeh nice to feel a symptom!!lol I’m definitely going to speak to the nurse tomorrow and see what they say, I would up the pessaries, change where they’re going, anything!lol

I have a 2 year old from ICSI and only had one small bleed at about 6 weeks with him so because this is different that’s I’m over analysing. I’ll let you know anyway. Thanks so much xx

Are you using pessaries? I had a bleed and spotting at the start so started putting them in the back end and my spotting stopped after a few days xx

Yeh I use them twice a day. The nurse said that’s probably why I am spotting but didn’t suggest doing that. I need to go and get more from the clinic on Monday so I’ll see what they say. Thanks! Also is it weird doing that? Do they leak out like when you put them in the front? Sorry had to ask!

Ahh ok hopefully if you can do that the spotting will stop then even just for peace of mind. It’s hard to stop worrying even when others are telling you it’s probably nothing. No they don’t leak out that way they just come out when u go to the toilet (🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry if TMI haha) xx

That might be a bit better. To be fair as soon as I stand up after my wee 20 min lie down they start to leak out 🤦🏽‍♀️ defo tmi 😂

Just to give you some hope I bled for 4 days so much that I thought I had my period and was having to use sanitary products so sounds like a lot more blood than yourself - but none bright red. However on the 4th day I did a pregnancy test as it was all darkish old nloof and got our first ever natural BFP after over 4 years TTC (3 previous pregnancies through IVF but none stuck). I assumed I was having another ectopic to the point of going to A&E after numerous appointments at the EPAU we found out we are expecting twins! But I have had spotting a further 3 times (apparently more common in multiples) but we are now 11 weeks. Midwife said some people do just spot so try and keep your hopes up. I googled everywhere about 4 day implantation bleeds and not much out there so just wanted to give you some hope! I also read someone else say they bled for a week. Speak to a midwife but unless it has clots try not to worry :)

Jam-master in reply to Hefa

Thanks so much for your reply. The cramps have got worse as has the bleeding, spoke to the nurse and I’m going in for a blood test tomorrow. Will just have to wait and see, starting to loose hope now

Bless you, such a worrying time! est of luck for tomorrow. Hugs.xx

Sorry that you are going through such a stressful time at the moment. Wishing you lots of luck for your blood test tomorrow, hope it’s good news and can give you some reassurance xx

Thanks! Bleeding as gone back to spotting so at least that’s something. Here’s hoping xx

Sending you some 🤗🤗🤗and hope it comes out fine for you

Jam-master in reply to 12356

Thank you so much. How do you remain positive but realistic but still have hope?!? It’s a journey!

Hey if it makes you feel any better I was spotting for three weeks and panicked every time I went to the bathroom, some days were worse than others. I was convinced I was miscarrying as I had horrendous cramping too doubled over sweating over a couple of days but I know have a beautiful 7 month old boy 😊

Easier said than done but try not to worry. Spotting is very common, especially when using pessaries

Thanks so much for your reply, my cramps have been pretty bad too! I didn’t have any of this the last time which is why I think I’m more concerned. Just wanting the bloods done now!

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