9dp5dt.... spotting

Sorry for yet another post!!

I'm currently 9 days past my perfect 5 day transfer....however I went to the toilet this evening and I had fresh red blood when I wiped. After this I went again and I hate brown spotting. It's now stopped....am I to assume my period is on its way? On my last cycle I started my period 2 weeks exactly after egg collection. And the same thing has happened now...it's exactly 2 weeks since my egg collection.

Could my period be on the way but my lubion injections and pressi are stopping it?

Iv had a good cry... :(


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  • I was sad to read this...you must be so frightened! I have very little experience of these things so wish I could offer you more solid advice, but I have read that a light bleed does not automatically exclude you from a positive result. Many woman do spot lightly in the 2ww and all through their pregnancies. You are not out yet.

    Try and get a good night's rest and see how things are tomorrow. I am sending many, many hugs and hope things will settle overnight. 😘


  • I am scared hun, I can't facing going through a negative again. I will keep taking my medication until Monday and test.... I don't really know what else I can do....iv done my best for this cycle. Hope your well xx

  • I am sure you are feeling very unsettled, but as you said, you have done all you can, you are taking care of yourself and it is out of your hands. It could be anything - even an implantation bleed so try and be brave. I have everything crossed for you!!

    I am okay thanks. A bit calmer today but not that much more hopeful.

    Get your hubby to take extra special care of you xxx

  • My hubby has been amazing, iv had extra cuddles tonight. I think I will try and get a good night's sleep and see what tomorrow brings....5 more days until test day!! Will see what happens...I'm glad your feeling a bit calmer hun, this journey and 2 week wait is awful. X

  • Hopefully just implantation bleed, keep positive and keep believing xx

  • Hey button, isn't it late for implantation bleeding? X

  • Many have it at all different times on the 2ww so try not to worry xxx

  • Fingers crossed for good news xx sending a big hugs 😘

  • Thank you x

  • Hey, very possible that its just implantation bleeding. Everyone's bodies respond differently! At this point, there's no much you can do so try not to stress about it!

    got everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you x

  • My bleeding during 2ww was a speckly spotting and a brown discharge. And it stopped a bit later. Has it carried on? It could be implantation xx

  • Thank you emu, I am having strong period pains that come and go. This happened on my last ivf cycle to and it was a negative that's why I'm worried x

  • :( fingers crossed it's implantation. x

  • Hi my dear, I had bright red bleeding 8 days after transfer and thought game over.. But in fact I was pregnant and it was a haematoma that bleeding and no where near baby.. Currentlyl 17 weeks pregnant and it disappeared so please don't lose hope... Got everything crossed for you.. Loads of love 😍 xxx

  • Thanks hun, congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it's the same for next it's just that I had spotting last time and I got a negative x

  • Thanks... I also spotted on round before.. So saw that as not good, so when proper blood I really thought no.. And was OK.. So fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • Hi, not sure if it helps but I started bleeding heavily 10dpt and it turned out to be a bfn...but it was accompanied with really really bad period pain. I was literally doubled over for a few hours....fingers crossed you're ok today xxx

  • Thanks hun, it happened to me last ivf aswell and I got a negative. That's why I'm worried. X

  • Aw I'll keep everything crossed for u!! xπŸ€xπŸ€

  • Ahhh sorry to hear this NDE1987! Its such a nerve racking time and horrible time when this happens but hopefully its not gotten any worse! Fingers crossed for you!xx

  • Thank you hun, iv not had any since last night. Just very very light brown spotting. But will see what the next few days are like. X

  • Oh that's good Im so glad to hear this! I know how it feels and you must be all over the place but hang on in there!xx

  • I really am all over the place Hun, it's because will know how my first cycle ended and I feel like it's history repeating itself. But then this cycle I had more eggs and the embryo they put back was the top grade and it was hatching....so I feel very confused x

  • One day at a time, you had a really good embryo!xx

  • Fingers crossed hun.... Will see what happens xx

  • Hope it's not your period tying to start Hun, it's so stressful xx

  • It's is very stressful!! I don't think I can keep going through this.... I feel strong one minute and then sad and weak the next. Why is this happening to us, I keep asking myself that question x

  • Hi,

    When I had my first failed ivf, i asked a lot and i wished i had that bleeding during 2ww because they say it's implantation bleeding. Just don't read a lot. You're saying you had the same thing last time, if you ask a pregnant woman with her second kid or third one, she would say that every pregnancy is different from the other. So don't jump to conclusions please.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • Ah Hun, it's scary I know but a lot of girls have had a bleed & got a BFP so I truly hope that's true for u! Best of luck hun xxx

  • Thank you ladies.... I will constantly worry until test day!! Xx

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