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Slight spotting!

Hi everyone, we recently had a FET and have found out we are pregnant this is our 2nd attempt at IVF I'm currently 5w6d so still early days but 3 days ago i noticed a slight pink/brown discharge on the applicator that I use to put the pessaries in it actually stopped that night so didn't worry too much, but today i have put them in again and there is a slight discharge again! I'm so worried is this normal? the other thing is, is I don't feel pregnant, I've no sickness, haven't gone off any foods the cramps are only very mild and come and go and boobs are only slightly tender! I probably sound neurotic but after 9 years of trying and finally falling pregnant this is our dream come true.

Thanks xx

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Hi, please dont worry, I had the same thing happen to me last week and I would have been 5 weeks then too. Spotting is quite common it can be due to a number of things like embryo burrowing in and stretching of your uterus, or simply from the overload of hormones our bodies have taken during the course of treatment. I bought a couple of cheap pregnancy tests and checked a few days later and still was pregnant. If the bleeding does get heavier then contact your clinic. But generally a bit of spotting is nothing to worry about. Good luck xx


Thanks Lou79 this really puts my mind at rest, just hoping and praying that it doesn't get heavier, I just want to stop feeling so anxious, good luck with your pregnancy hun xx

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Hi GemPep81. As well as what lou79 has said, it could even be down to the progesterone pessary irritating your cervix. You should have been booked for your first scan soon, so hopefully that will stop your worries. Also don't worry about pregnancy symptoms, as there's plenty of time for those to kick in - if indeed they do! Not everyone has them. Hope all continues to be OK. Diane


Thanks Hun, it's such a worrying time at the moment I just want everything to be ok! my scan is booked for next Thursday (3rd Sept) at 8am so at least its nice and early! here's hoping its just a one off and doesn't get heavier, I'm having cramps but nothing different from when I had the eggs transferred it's more just mild cramps and I don't need painkillers :) xx


Hi. Sorry for the late reply, only i am only here Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Glad to hear that your scan is already booked, and of course I do hope that all is well. Just rest when you can, drink plenty of water and keep on with the pessaries. Diane


This has happened to me and I was sent for a early scan to check all was ok! It was so try not to worry. Spotting is quite common and everything we add to our bodies at this time puts extra strain on our baby making bits. Best of luck to you!


I had these cramps, ok it was 28 yrs ago, but having the need for help hasn't changed.

My husband then, we have since divorced went to a private clinic in the West End, there was NO NHS for having a baby in those days.

We needed a doner too, so it's called A.I.D.

Fell after 1st attempt with me using one month of Clomid.

Unfortunately I lost it at 9 weeks. This to me was the worst Ever thing it completely took over my life.

The clinic advised me to take a break of 3 months!! I said NO way! I was 23 yrs old.

I continued with Clomid, fell pregnant again, and the cramps began. Every little twinge, cramp, leg aches, you name it, I felt it.

When I got to the stage where you could hear babies heart beat, I went out and bought a stethoscope and every morning and evening I would lay flat and manoeuvred the stethoscope about until I heard her heartbeat. Then and only then could I relax. Morning sickness began and continued all 9 months.

I didn't mind I was happy because I knew I was 'really' pregnant each time I was sick.

Every cramp I worried but it Was the womb expanding and generally getting ready.

After one of the blood tests came back high, I was scanned by now Professor Robert Winston. He confirmed baby was well, no Spinabifada. Nothing, all good.

I didn't believe him, I wanted too, so for the entire pregnancy I was a bundle of nerves!

I developed Pre Eclampsia and gave birth 2 weeks early by general anaesthetic C-Section to be woken with a beautiful baby girl (you never knew sex of baby in those days) crying next to my eyes, she tried to suck my nose, I wasn't completely awake, but managed to murmur MY BABY, MY BABY GIRL, she has been born! She is a donor baby, but her dad loves her So much. Sarah was explained the truth after many counselling sessions on my own, she was 7 years old. Never once has she asked or wondered who he is/because she doesn't need to.

Her name is Sarah and she is on this forum, having exact same problems! What's the chances of that?

I never mentioned her surname which is different to mine now in case she doesn't want to.

I wish ALL you ladies out there luck, if it's meant to be, go with everything that's offered to you, be happy, be positive and fingers and toes crossed you too will have that special baby.

I never went on afterwards for another baby. I felt blessed to have one healthy girl. I didn't want to push my luck. Just sad that 6 months after she was born, her dad and me split up and finally divorced. Yes, I hear you all saying, I could of met someone else and fallen pregnant easily without all the clinical side, but remember her dad wanted a baby too. I wouldn't change a thing.👣👣🍼🍼

Best wishes to you all

Lucy Weston from Brighton UK


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