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Natural FET vs FET with prostrap?


Hi looking g for some advice- so far we have been through 6 rounds of IUI, one fresh IVF (with 5 embryo frozen for later) that all ended in BFN and a FET cycle with 2 embryos that ended in a chemical pregnancy. The FET was using prostrap to bring on ‘menopause’ and then all the meds to restart the monthly cycle. Between the fresh and frozen cycle last year I also had CiN3 pre cancerous cells come back in a smear so had to cancel a cycle mid way through just before transfer (had already had prostrap and then meds to restart my body and lining scans). I had a colposcopy and lettz procedure to remove cells on cervix. When the biopsy came back finally clear I started another FET prostrap cycle and meds for FET but just before transfer the clinic realised they needed another clear smear before they could proceed and cycle was cancelled. Finally this year we had the medicated FET that ended in chemical. I feel my body has been through a lot so I was wondering. If anyone had experience of a natural FET with no prostrap that might be less of a strain on my body but could still be successful? Also when can I Physically try again after the chemical pregnancy at just over 5weeks pregnant? Thanks 🤗

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The best cycle I did was semi medicated..I started progynova in increasing doses on d1 of my cycle and they scanned me regularly to ensure I wasn’t about to ovulate and I had my transfer on day 16 or 17 I can’t remember exactly. I had buserelin to down reg on the previous cycle and felt dreadful on it, this time I felt much better and had minimal side effects. I also ovulated at some point after starting the cyclogest which in turn would have supported my pregnancy. If I’m lucky enough to get Frosties again then I’ll definitely be pushing to do the same again x

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Thank you 😊 yeah I don’t mind the supporting meds but the down reg just feels so awful and intrusive to the body, even the times the transfer never went ahead I felt rubbish on it. Thanks so much I think I will push for this too! Did your clinic give you any stats on the different success rates of the 2 ways by any chance? Mine doesn’t seem to have any!

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No they don’t really ever do the short semi medicated so didn’t want me to do means more work for them..more scans, but I go to a satellite clinic managed by one nurse and she was very lovely and agreed to manage my cycle. I struggle with down reg and it doesn’t tend to work = 2 cancelled cycles due to not downregging! I think I had scans day 5,8,11 roughly just to check my lining and that I wasn’t about to ovulate. Their back up was to give me cetrotide if I was close to ovulation. I did get a BFP but unfortunately we lost our baby at almost 17w due to T21 and some other problems so it was my most successful cycle. I was keen to avoid a fully natural cycle as I’m terrible at tracking ovulation and I didn’t want to rely on myself to do that x

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Thank you and I’m so sorry for your loss that must have been really hard on you both. It sounds like you fought for the right thing though not down regging xxx

Hi Twiglet,

Sorry for your loss 😔your body certainly has been through it!

My clinic have said their success rates for medicated and natural are the same.

However, my gynaecologist suggested to me a natural FET as I have regular periods and ovulate so this time I’m going with that advice. My medicated FET was cancelled last year as my lining wasn’t reacting to meds and I had fluid on my cavity.

I may have a trigger shot - depending on timings etc and I am going to use the pessaries to help but no meds prior to transfer.

Wishing you lots of luck with whatever you decide. Xxx

Twiglet2 in reply to CLDxxx

Thank you! That’s sounds like the kind of way I was hoping for but clinic have never mentioned it before I only found out on google so left a message with them to call me back to discuss. This forum is so helpful! Xxx

CLDxxx in reply to Twiglet2

Also just check with your clinic if they do thawing and transfers on Saturday/Sunday’s as this can affect things also. Xx

This forum is amazing 🥰

Hey, I don't have a completely natural FET but I stopped doing prostap as I felt 5he down regulation was too much. I got terrible headaches and just generally felt crap! So clinic agreed I could go without it using my natural period and starting meds to increase my lining (progynova & estrogen patches. These also stop ovulation and once the lining is thick enough tou then add in the progesterone before transferring the embryo. I havwnt looked back since, feel much better and its quicker. You can do a totally natural transfer of course which is timed with your natural ovulation. Best of luck!xx


I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I recently had a natural FET after a MMC. I had my miscarriage bleed, and then began my next period bleed as CD1. I ovulated on the date of my 2nd appointment, they monitored with blood tests and I used OPKs so it felt like I was doing something 😂, the weird thing about no drugs is it’s extremely passive. I had 1 x low dose of Ovitrelle after transfer and that’s been it. It has been a bit more of a calmer experience for my body being non medicated so if it is something your clinic think would suit you it’s definitely worth consideration ❤️ x

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in a few seconds

Thank you it definitely sounds much better from your experience and I am going to phone and ask about it this afternoon for sure xx

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