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Fet messing with my head...any advice


So smiley face this morning and off for bloods for our first natural fet for nurse to call at lunch and waffle on about my scan and some follicle with liquid in and progesterone being high so looking like not a good surge this month and likely no go for her then to ring just there and say she spoke with consultant and she happy with bloods. Reckons I surged last night so fet scheduled for sat.having never had an fet before I really don't know what to make of all this. Wished the nurse hadn't called firstly as I have been an emotional wreck ever since and know I don't know what to think. I guess if consultant happy to go ahead all must be well. I was so tired when she rang the 2nd time from all my crying I never asked a thing. I feel so tired from learning all about fresh cycles that this all seems a bit different. I am assuming people with fet experience think if I surged late Sunday night that a fet on Saturday on a natural cycle with 5 day blastocyst is ok? Xx

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That seems absolutely fine Vic, I found that bit so stressful too. Think I was testing all the time and just couldn't pin down when the actual surge happened /or trust my judgement on it. I think in retrospect it was just the nerves and enormity of it, with a natural fet there is little else to focus on and so this becomes the focus of anxiety. Soo exciting honey ... remember that by this time Saturday you will be PUPO! It's exhausting though isn't it, living with layers of normal skin removed and having all nuances amplified. Try to be nice to yourself over the next couple of days - it's time he only bit you can control x lots of love x

vic77 in reply to Datak

Thanks so so much for your message Datak. Your words are so true. I actually think I have found today one of the hardest even after 3 fresh cycles..massive disappointment followed by knowing then that fet going ahead..I really don't know how I feel now. Your message made me slightly excited so for that I thank you massively. How are you doing anyway?all good I hope xxxx

Datak in reply to vic77

My beautiful baby girl and I are doing well, I'm physically just getting back on my feet after the last couple of years taking its toll ... but even the chance of her was worth it all :) hope today is better for you Vic, make sure you get some fresh air/ relaxation and if ot just cry as much as you want to ... a good cry in the bath can be as cathartic as anything else .... just don't keep it in! You are so amazing to be going after what you want in this way. You are one seriously tough lady - don't forget that xxxxx

vic77 in reply to Datak

Your words mean so much. Thank you for your support and encouragement and hug that wee girl tight as I am sure you do. Thanks for your message xxx

Hi Vic, so sorry you've had such a stressful day. The nurse should've checked with the consultant before worrying you needlessly. Maybe try and turn it into a positive that your FET is now going ahead. I had my smiley face on 5th October and my natural FET was on 11th with a 5 day blast so your dates seem fine. Hope you've been able to feel calmer this evening xx

vic77 in reply to Bumblebee15

Thanks so much Bumblebee15 your message really helped. So we are fet cycle buddies..evening been ok but my husband been asked to be a godfather tonight so that has tipped my emotions over the edge and I have panda eyes now..lol..be glad when this day over tbh..wind howling outside too so likely be a long night😯such a roller coaster all this😢is this your first fet too? Hope you feeling OK xxx

Bumblebee15 in reply to vic77

Oh yes we are cycle buddies 😊🍀✨

Bless you you've had such a tough day. Try your best not to exhaust yourself before Saturday (easier said than done I know!) You really do need to be physically and mentally prepared. Don't forget it's an achievement in itself that you've got this far so you and your husband should be very proud of yourselves 💙

This is actually my 4th FET - I've had 1 chemical, 1 failed and the last one in June was an early mc. We had a fresh cycle with ICSI in 2014 and we are truly blessed to have our wonderful 3 yo son. We were lucky enough to have 5 embies in storage from our 1st cycle and we decided about 18 months ago to try and use them but we haven't had success so far. However, this has been a good reminder to us how very fortunate we are.

Sending lots of sleepy dust to you tonight, try and rest up xx

Wow all of this is so amazing that you can use frozens from a cycle in 2014. So sorry for your previous loses..here's hoping this is our time 🍀🍀🍀xxx

That's absolutely perfect, a FET is much more gentle on your body, try not to worry lovely (easier said then done!) good luck! Xxxx

vic77 in reply to Aleelilook

Thanks Mrs hope you doing ok xxx

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