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Short Protocol IVF/ICSI,Scan and working days/hours.


Hello everyone, It’s a long write up so pardon me.

Its finally happening for me soon, I am so excited my twin sister will be starting in December(privately funded) and myself in January(NHS). I got a call yesterday from the nurse at the clinic saying I was going to be on short protocol, the reason I am been put on short protocol I don’t know? I have regular periods, AMH and FSH is ok. My treatment can’t be started on my next cycle which is in December as I need to update my blood test on day 1-3!!! Praying my FSH is still ok as my last test was last year December.

I have read here that most people on short protocol have irregular cycle or low AMH, should I be worried about this?

Also on short protocol how many scans are required ? Is it possible to have scans early in the morning and still go to work ? I have some 12 hour shifts that starts at 12pm. I wish I could get scanned at the hospital where I work after all it’s all NHS.

I am worried because my Rota for the month of January is out. I really don’t know how I can cope joggling with work on scan days, i live 45 minutes away from the clinic and from the clinic to my work place is about 45minutes too.

I don’t want to tell my managers or the ward matron about my treatment for now.

Anyone working in the NHS on treatment kindly help with a response please .

Thank you

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Hey, I’m unsure about protocol reasons but can help with scans. Scans & blood tests will take place in the mornings during your treatment as that’s when they will review if you need to change meds or increase dosage - A scan showed I had to increase dose so I was able to take it home with me then. Also, blood results come back in the afternoon (may differ with NHS) so if you need to make a change you’ll be informed before you take your evening meds - this is partly why they say to inject at night.

I found it didn’t affect my work too much but I was lucky to be able to choose a private clinic nearer to work than home.

Good luck with your treatment! The ladies on here are great and a fountain of knowledge xx

Cici85 in reply to CLDxxx

CLDxxx thanks for responding. I am NHS Funded and have to use Barts Hospital. I am worried I might need scan on d day I have to work a morning shift. My shift starts at 7.30am .

CLDxxx in reply to Cici85

What time does your shift end? Unfortunately it’s so hard to plan these things but hopefully it will work out - try not to worry lovely xx

Cici85 in reply to CLDxxx

I am trying not to worry . As stephybivf said I could discuss with my manager.

When are you planning to have your FET? My twin sister is going the solo route as well and starting her treatment next month.

CLDxxx in reply to Cici85

I know it’s hard not to worry and think ahead. I think as Steph says once you are closer to treatment, speak to HR as your manager really shouldn’t be discussing your business.

When I had egg collection it was a Thursday so I took that day off and the Friday, I was fine to work the Monday.

Amazing your sister is doing the solo route! Is she having Ivf? I’m just waiting for my period then hope to have my FET all being well! 🤞xx

Hey just to answer a couple of your questions i had 3 scans in total on short protocol but everyone is different, mine where normally done in the morning.

I also work for the NHS as a nurse. I told my manager as there is an IVF policy that allows for time for scans/egg collection/embryo transfer. I’m pretty sure this is standard in most NHS organisations. If not maybe just speak to HR to see where you stand x hope this helps and good luck xx

Cici85 in reply to Stephybivf

Hi Stephybivf I don’t mind telling my managers but she’s going to help me broadcast to all d nurses in the team. If anyone should ask about me she’s going to tell them am off and the reason I am off.

One of my colleagues had ivf and was off for about three weeks or more. She never told me or other colleagues about it. She told our manager as she needed Time off, I heard from other colleagues saying oh so sad after all the time she spent at home she came back not pregnant . Imagine what another woman is saying about her colleagues? What if she heard them talk!!! She’s going through a lot already for a failed ivf and colleagues are been insensitive.

If I may ask the days you had scan/egg collection/embryo transfer were you rotaerrd to work ? Where you to owe hours or was put in as unpaid leave?

Stephybivf in reply to Cici85

Your manager has no right to tell people why your off! She is breeching confidentiality. I would speak to HR if your concerned about this.

I was actually given a couple of days paid leave for egg collection and embryo transfer but I did take some annual leave after embryo transfer as I needed some time to rest. Unfortunately my first cycle didn’t work but when it came to my second cycle I was still allowed the same days off as paid leave and allowed to attend app for scans. X

Cici85 in reply to Stephybivf

I have one week left of my annual leave that was booked for March , I guess I might have to cancel that and use it for the days i need to visit the clinic. My GP has agreed to sign me off work for the two week wait, I am glad that’s sorted. Thanks for your time I think I am worrying too much when I am yet to start .😁😁

Flora14 in reply to Stephybivf

Hi I work in the nhs and we don't have a policy for ivf.could it vary between trusts?I haven't had any time given to me I've always had to use leave or toil.have you been allowed to just go? Thanks x

Cici85 in reply to Flora14

Hi I was going to use my annual leave for egg collection. When I informed my ward matron she put it as unknown n gave it to me as paid

Hi ladies, sorry to jump in. I work in nhs also, I didn’t know there’s a IVF policy. I did look on the Staffnet could not find one. When I did mine, I’d took annual leave to have my scans 😤. I’m going to have my last cycle soon. So I might call HR and ask them about it. Maybe each trust is different.

Cici85 in reply to Sezvic

I spoke to a senior colleague few minutes ago , she said i should speak to HR of I am not comfortable with speaking to my ward matron,but she knows there is an ivf policy that can cover me!!! I will see to it 👩‍💻

I work for the NHS and got signed of sick as didn’t want the stress/worry of appointments and moving shifts around. I was on the short protocol and had a scan/bloods every other day for 12 days - all in the morning between 8 and 10am, think I had 5 scans in total. Your trust should have a section in the special leave policy which covers you for some days off under ivf treatment, however I found I was only allowed 3 days off per cycle and actually once I started I felt so unwell I couldn’t have gone to work and practiced safely anyway, the hormones sent me crazy!! I also contacted the my union (rcn) who told me that once the egg is transferred you are covered under the pregnancy sickness policy so cannot be penalised for time off if needed, hope that helps! X

I’m a physio in the NHS and was covered by my Trust’s “Special Leave” policy for time off for scan appts etc (some allocated per cycle which covered it). It should be available on your Intranet or from HR.

I was signed off for each 2ww to avoid moving and handling/ stress and as said above this was classed as pregnancy- related (because technically classed as pregnant after embryo transfer) so wasn't counted towards sickness absence days.

Would say you’d probably find it a lot easier telling your manager hun, but can see why you wouldn’t want to in this case although that would be disgraceful if she told anyone xx

Cici85 in reply to Shelleybean

Can I private message u please Shelleybean ?

Shelleybean in reply to Cici85

Yes of course, no probs! xx

I have high AMH and was on short protocol. Had 3 scans in total. My scans were all at 8am-ish so was able to get to the hospital and then drive to work after scan (90 mins in total) before 10. I have flexible hours so 10 is latest I could start. Like you didn’t want to tell my boss and I managed not to. I took annual leave on day of egg collection and right through to embryo transfer. I then went back to work (had been off work during previous 2ww which I found unbearable) x

Cici85 in reply to Bungleboo

Lucky you to be able to drive to clinic n back to work which makes it faster n kind of easy . I will see if I can request a late shift that starts @12 for the period I think I might be having scans.

I read Scans can happen within the first 12 days of starting treatment.

Hi, I work in a hospital too, they are quite likely to have a policy that says what time off you are entitled to to have IVF. Ask your HR advisor or look on the intranet. It may be really useful to you. Good luck.

Cici85 in reply to Caitlin-m

Yes I will have a look. Thank you

I’ve had a short cycle three times now and had two scans each time. All in the morning bar one as they were busy. Let your clinic know now if they need to be morning for work so you don’t get stuck with a time too late that they can’t change.

I think if you’re patient facing and need to vanish for injections you’ll need to either let someone know or at least say you have some meds to take for something at a specific time, but that said you can probably just do them all in the mornings.

The tricky injection is the trigger which has to be at exactly a specific time on that date and is usually in the evening.

Exciting that you and your sister are going through this together! Good luck!

Cici85 in reply to EBeee

Thank you


Although I don’t work in the NHS I told my HR manager about my IVF process because it was stressing me out! I get appointments all the time or phone calls to come in for tests... my HR manager stated we don’t have a policy for IVF however they will fully support me and just to let them know! She also told me to keep her informed with my health cause she understands I may need time off.

My IVF nurse told me after egg collection they will do 1-2 weeks sick note if I need it which is good to know.

Upto now my work has been understanding and I just try to go during my dinner breaks and if I go over I come back and tell her and she has always said it’s totally fine and not to worry.

Biggest advice is to let management at work know atleast cause it takes away stress which is exactly what we don’t need!


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