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Short Protocol IVF/ICSI


Hi everyone, we saw our consultant today and have been given a rough time frame for starting our treatment next month and I just wanted to find out about everyone's experiences with Short Protocol IVF?

Lucy xx

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Hi lucylucylucy27. A short protocol is often recommended if the ovarian reserve is a bit on the low side, so as to not “switch off” the ovaries too much. However, this is not always the case, and can be just down to clinic preference. It is not only shorter but much less stressful on the body - no nasty side effects normally associated with down regulating. Because of this the drugs are cheaper also. The basis of this short protocol – sometimes called an antagonist or mild, IVF - is that you start straight away with the stimulating drugs a couple of days into your own cycle and then a week or so in, add a down-regulation drug to prevent natural ovulation. You would then most likely have regular scans, and possible blood tests every couple of days or so, for a few days until your womb lining is a good thickness and a good number of follicles are the right size. Once you have a few the right size and after your trigger shot, egg collection goes ahead and they are then fertilised. Obviously clinics vary from how they do their cycles, but this is a general idea. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

Hi Diane,

Thank you for that it was really informative :) xx

Hi Diane, can you start short protocol on day 4 of your period? I heard its day 1-3 and worried as they've told me to come in on day 4


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Hi. It is usually on Day 1-3 but as long as you’re bleeding you should be ok. Diane

Hi Lucy, I'm currently doing short protocol and I'm just about to have my eggs collected in less than 48hrs. I've injected for a total of 11days, it goes by so quick once you've started and the injections aren't as bad as you think they might be. I'm 29, and the reason I'm on the short protocol is I have low AMH, but there are plenty of successes with both long and short. Good luck with your treatment, everyone here is a great support, your not on your own.xx

Hey Keekee,

Thank you for that, I'm on short due to PCOS. They want to prevent me from over stimulation if they can. They put me on metformin to help with this too! Although I don't know if I'm only going to be on that until egg collection or not. But the nurses will keep me informed about that. I wouldn't be surprised if the teach app is in a couple of weeks and then I'll get the box of drugs and wait for AF to come and then I'll be where you are! It's very exciting but also so daunting! Xx

It all goes super quickly once you know when your starting I look back to when I had my consultation in November- so long ago, but realise how far you can come. Just take it step by step- easy for me to say, but I broke it down into big hurdles in my mind. For example- start injections, first scan, 2nd scan, egg collection etc etc... you will find what works for you, it so amazing what they can do. We have a rollercoaster to conquer yet- but miracles do happen- you see it on this forum all the time.xx

Hey Lucy, Diane is spot on do coukd really offer anything rude besides positivity.

Wishing you all the very very best, this group will be your back bone for sure, we are all here fur you. The wife started this journey almost a year ago.

Treatment took place is Nov 2016, and this group has been nothing short than awesome with advise.

We had our FET today, Si now we enter the 2WW.

Thank you :) awww fingers and toes crossed for you! Hopefully you get the desired result!

It does seem like such a long slog through the investigations and then it all seems to happen at once after being passed to treatment side!

I'm glad I found this group as it has Deffo been really helpful so far! Xxx

We did short protocol due to my low AMH. It really wasn't too bad and we were at EC before we knew it, it did feel like a bit of a rollercoaster at times and I spoke to a counsellor during my treatment and 2ww just to get myself in the strongest place mentally. Our treatment worked and we now have twin girls. Good luck for your cycle. Xxx

Thank you so much! Xxx

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Congrats! How did you decided to have two embryos and if you don't mind me asking did you have any complications having twins?

Wonderful! I am starting treatment in April and pray it results to twins

Hi Kernishp, what day of your period did you start your protocol, thanks

I would love twins absolutely

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