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Short Protocol IVF - DAY 1 - need tips/advice please!


Hello everyone, I am new to the site and my first post. Any tips/advice will be very much appreciated!

I have called the clinic and left a message to say that my period has started, waiting for the phone to ring any moment now.

I am 28, PCO, done 4 cycles of clomid without any success. This is my first IVF and I am all super excited and nervous at the same time.

Anyone who has gone through the Short Protocol IVF and successful, please share your tips.

Need to surround myself with positivity and prayers.

And I am praying for all around the globe having to go through this to achieve pregnancy I am certain God has a way for all of us.

Best Wishes xx

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Wishing you lots of luck. Will be praying for you xx

Pinkesh in reply to Penders

thank you very much...xx


I was on Clomid for 9 months.No success.

Started IVF last Tuesday and I'm ready for egg collection this Friday!Just enjoy it!Be proud of yourself and surround yourself with positive people. Take your time with injections and don't be hard on yourself .Good luck xxx

Pinkesh in reply to Pauleenka86

congrats on your journey so far....and I pray we will hear the good news from you soon. Sending all the luck in the world to you...xx

I've got my first scan on Friday!

Thanks for the tip...i'm trying everything I can to be positive.

Hey, just wanted to say hi! I’m afraid I haven’t got my BFP (...yet!!) but I wanted to say hi anyway and wish you all the best of luck xx this place is amazing for all the support you’ll receive along the way 😊👍

Pinkesh in reply to Caza2009

Thank you for stopping by! Hoping and praying u get the long awaited BFP soon. Sending lots of good wishes your way...👶👶

Hey Pinkesh

I've just done a short protocol ivf, unfortunately I couldn't complete due to thin uterus lining but I got 7 embryos frozen to try later. I found the short protocol pretty quick and relatively easy. I did an injection in the morning and another in the evening. They have to be done at the same time each day, so choose your time carefully depending on what you'll be doing over the next week or so (they aren't impossible to do in different places but I just felt more relaxed at home). If your clinic is like mine you'll get a couple of scans to check your folicles then they'll book you for your egg collection. Just listen carefully to the nurses, focus on each day and you'll be fine.

Wishing you lots of luck.

Pinkesh in reply to Waterfall2

Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you all the luck in the world and prayers.

Everything happens for a reason, stay positive and hold on.

I always end up in a male dominated environment first accountancy practice now a body shop repair centre always busy and busy. I used to be an accountant thought I should take it slow and turned to be in credit control and this is even more stressful!! I've told my employer that I'm going through some cyst removal so need days off 😂 Told him in advance or he would go crazy for the egg Collection & transfer. there's only one other girl in the company amidst 35 others and she is also single and acts like a man so literally feel like I'm the only woman there.

Thank God I found this site!

Anyway God has way...may His will be done. Praying for u xx

I'll remember one day at a time 😇😇

Wishing you great success. Short protocol as the name says it is really short. So normally you start with stimulation injection once they are satisfied that your womb lining is thin enough. So you probably will have a scan done very soon and start with follicle stimulating hormone, after some days usually 5 days after , you add another injection and that is meant to stop you from ovulating and normally if you respond well, you will have egg collection within 2 weeks.

Also some clinic place you on Norethisterone, so that they can time your cycle with their availability. Norethisterone is usually used before you start stimulation.

Positive story: I had short protocol in June/July 2017, got 17 eggs, 13 fertilised and 7 embryos frozen.

Finally may God grant you your heart desires in Jesus Christ's name.

Pinkesh in reply to kumkums

Thank you for the wishes! Glad to know that care is not all lost! It's really nice being here.

I started with norethisterone to induce as my periods are basically non existent or if they do come they don't stop for at least 6weeks!

Anyway I've been booked for the first scan on Friday Day3 they didn't have any other slot. Hoping it's not late. Ive heard ppl start on Day 2 onwards. should start the injections anyhow they decide ...can't wait for it. Though I was waiting for this day for so feels so close and idk. I'm taking it all out on my poor hubby🤣

Thank you for the prayers.

Praying for u too. God bless xox

I had a short protocol in February, from start date to test date it was 4 weeks went so quickly, sadly first time round it wasn't successful, we had 5 frozen emryos and started a frozen cyle in April which was slightly longer but I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant.

Wishing you lots of luck 💕X

Pinkesh in reply to NB610

Wow! Congratulations 😘😘😘

Thank you for sharing.

Praying that the rest of the journey goes smoothly for u. Take care xox

Feeling so positive now...thank u loads

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