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Hi, I made it to my 12 week scan yesterday 🥰 just looking for some reassurance re progesterone. My clinic told me to stop taking it at after my 12 week scan and didn’t need to ween of it, so I have stopped it as I couldn’t wait to. We’ve now come away on holiday and feel worried I’m not taking it and haven’t got it with me. I’ve read we don’t need it from 12 weeks but is stopping it bang on 12 weeks to soon? Hope I’m worrying for no reason. I was glad to not be taking it on holiday and hoped it might ease some of my nausea. Now I’ve just started to worry instead 🙁 xx

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I was told I could stop taking it in week 9. My instructions were to reduce it gradually but I know others have been instructed just to stop so I think it depends on the clinic. Either way, there's nothing to worry about so ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY, hope the nausea settles too :) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Thank you for your reassuring message. It’s like a comic org had been taken away. Such a scary process. The nausea has settled a little already. Hope your doing well xx

Not sure if you were fresh or frozen and I think that makes a difference but my clinic took my off it straight away after my BFP. All the clinics do different things and I think because there’s not much evidence so say progesterone actually helps. The good news for you is that your placenta is taking over now anyway so you have nothing to worry about. Trust the clinic they sometimes know what they are doing. 😊 And enjoy your holiday! x

Hi, I was a fresh cycle. They were going to take me off it at 8 weeks but we lost a twin so they said stay on it till 12. Everyone I asked if the placenta had taken over just said about now so I worried it might not have. But since reading sounds like it will be doing the job. Your right about trusting the experts. Thanks. Hope your ok xx

Yeah I think it started around 10 weeks and then over time completely takes over so every source says something different. I’m sure you’ll be fine I was worried coming off it at 5 weeks and it was fine too. I’m good, just ahead of you at 16 weeks. 😊 x

16 weeks, fab, I’m in such a rush to be further on. Hope all goes well xx

Just wanted to say congrats on the 12 week scan. Amazing news. I’m sure you will be fine re progesterone and wishing you a very relaxing holiday xx

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gemmy999 in reply to hifer

Thank you. Hope your well hun xx

Hey that great news re your 12week scan congrats. I reck be fine as know lots stop it before then. We stopped ours without weaning it down and yay it so nice not to be on it now. Not appear to make any diff at this stage. Enjoy ur holiday hun xx

Hi, congrats on your 12 weeks. It is nice to not be taking it, once I’m over the worry. I feel better reading all these messages. Thank you xx

Can understand ur worry. I was the same about this as no one really told me either. Enjoy that holiday. Take care xx

Congratulations on reaching 12 weeks, I was told at 12 weeks your placenta takes over so you don’t need the extra hormones, I can understand why you’d be anxious after being on them for so long, I’d feel the same xx

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gemmy999 in reply to Core

Thank you for your reassurance. No one warns you about all these worries! Hope your doing ok hun xx

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Core in reply to gemmy999

I’m ok just heading to the hospital for next transfer 🤞🤞🤞 xx

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gemmy999 in reply to Core

Good luck hun xxx 🤗

I stopped at the beginning of 12 weeks having taken a half dose for the whole 11th week. It was like a security blanket for me and I felt like I would miscarry without it, but I was fine and you will be too!

(Currently 28 weeks 👍). Have a lovely holiday!

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gemmy999 in reply to Baypony

Thank you for your kind message. Yes I did worry I’d miscarry by not taking it. Think we become over sensitive understandable. Congrats to you and a good rest of your pregnancy xx

Hi Gemmy. I'm thrilled to hear your update. I stopped taking mine at end of 12 weeks on the guidance of my clinic. I found it very nerve wracking stopping it and not tapering off but everything has been fine. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

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gemmy999 in reply to Caroliono4

Thank you for your reply. Seems like I don’t need to worry. Xxx

I was asked to wean down gradually by week 12 but I think what matters most is that you stayed on it til 12 weeks. Congrats on getting to the 12 week scan! And relax and enjoy your holiday xxx

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gemmy999 in reply to Scarlett13

Thanks. Seems like everyone is just slightly different from 8 weeks onwards. I only had a weeks left so don’t think that would have made much difference and they said I didn’t need to wean off them. Hope your getting on well xxx

Congrats! My clinic just told me to stop taking it after the 12 week scan - no gradual reduction or anything like that. I’m at week 15 now with no issues so far. I think you'll be fine. Enjoy your well deserved holiday!

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gemmy999 in reply to CatCee

Thank you for letting me know. I hope so 🤞🏻 xx

All clinics are different, but 12 weeks is the longest I have seen any go. Some stop at bfp, others after first scan. The placenta takes over some time between 9 and 12 weeks so you should be perfectly fine. It's great getting to that milestone. Congratulations and wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy xx

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gemmy999 in reply to Camillage

Thanks for your reply. I feel a little better symptom wise already. Don’t know if that’s hitting the 12 weeks mark or stopping the progesterone. Getting less symptoms can be a worry as well. No easy journey! Hope your enjoying family life xx

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Camillage in reply to gemmy999

It is wonderful thank you. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and before you know it your life will be changed forever xx

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gemmy999 in reply to Camillage

Thank you. And I hope so! I plan to try and enjoy it. Just want to get to the stage I’m feeling the baby move. Some days it’s hard to feel pregnant at this stage. Xx

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Camillage in reply to gemmy999

Oh yes that is true. A wee while to go yet but it is great, and a little surreal, when that starts to happen xx

Congrats on the 12 weeks scan mrs, glad to hear all went well. They told me to stop at 7 weeks but I still had some left over an continued them to 12 weeks then stopped, it just kept my mind more at ease. Enjoy your holiday xx

Thanks hun. I might have felt better if I finished the last week I had but decided not to with holiday. I’m sure it wouldn’t make any difference. Hope your doing well xx

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