⚠️⚠️WARNING Scan Pic⚠️⚠️

⚠️⚠️WARNING Scan Pic⚠️⚠️

We booked a private scan this morning as we go on holiday on Sunday and I’ve been feeling so anxious waiting for my 12 week Scan I just wanted to go away knowing everything is ok - our little Babba appears to be doing just fine and heart is still going 💖💙 they think I’m about 10 weeks 4 days! It’s coming upto the year anniversary of when I’m lost my Dad and can’t help feeling like he’s sent this little Angel for us just upsets me he’ll never get to meet he/she but I still very blessed I had the most amazing dad and feel so lucky we have managed to get this point xxx

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  • aww fantastic so glad to see this x

  • I texted u sweet xxxx

  • Fantastic news and scan photo, wonderful!! 🤗😍😘😘

    Our yd is 10+3 by dates and she’s been wondering whether to have an early scan done as hers wasn’t ivf so she’s not seen her bean at all yet! I think she’s scared to do it although she’s getting loads of symptoms.

    Have a wonderful holiday ☀️🏖 where are you off to? xxx

  • I’d recommend getting one purely for peace of mind 😀 we’re off to Cyprus can’t wait now for a bit of relaxation in the sun ☀️

  • Wonderful, have fun xxx

  • Congratulations and well done, hope to get to this level someday soon

  • I’m sure you will lovely sending lots of baby ✨✨✨ your way xxxx

  • Ahhh so lovely to see this, what a beautiful pic! Enjoy your getaway in the sun!xx

  • awww such lovely news! now you can go away and relax! xx

  • Lovely pic. Have a nice relaxing holiday xx

  • Such lovely news hun glad everything is fine. Have fun on your holiday. Sorry about your dad hun I can totally relate it's hard but does get easier. You know their with you in spirit. Lots of love 💗💗🤗😘

  • Hi Shanks_21. Fabulous scan, looks fine to me and well attached. Enjoy your holiday and wonderful memories of your Dad. Something tells me that your little one will have his name included in theirs, whether a girl or boy! Thinking of you. Diane

  • You must be psychic Diane!

  • xx

  • So pleased for you, congratulations! Xx

  • Fab news , enjoy your holiday x

  • Congratulations to you! A little angel indeed. Have a lovely holiday xxx

  • Beautiful xx

  • Really lovely to see this, congrats and enjoy your well deserved break xx

  • Lovely pics, your Dad will be happily looking down on you all xxx

  • Fantastic Hun 💕

  • Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments 😘💖😘💖 xxxxx

  • Gorgeous absolutely amazing, have a fab holiday 💗💙🌈👣💋💋

  • Awesome!!☺ Enjoy ur hol 🌞

  • Amazing! Enjoy a lovely holiday. Xx

  • Gorgeous gorgeous scan pic bless you. Enjoy.

  • This is lovely xx

  • Wonderful scan pics. Enjoy your hol and wishing u happy and healthy pregnancy xx

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