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Tough day, social media- why do I keep 'browsing'?!


I'm a teacher and have been surrounded by teachers talking about their own children starting school and friends whose children are starting school and then browse on social media this evening and see all of these lovely photos of children 'now and then', 'first day pics' etc etc. Then a pregnancy announcement and then a 'my baby is 3 weeks/months old today' posts.

And so then comes the wave of emotion... When will I get to have this? What if I never get to experience this?

Life sucks sometimes :-( Love to you all xx

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It’s the pits isn’t it. Sending you big hugs xxx

Thanks xx

Ah hun I know how you feel. One of the reasons I came off social media. it will be our day soon and it will all be worth it. big hugs xx

Let's hope so X Thank you xx

It certainly does suck sometimes doesn’t it! I haven’t touched social media since my 1st failed cycle, I should have done it sooner to be honest!! Yes I do end up missing some important news occasionally so I have a friend who knows my struggles update me with stuff when it’s important. Now I surf BBC news app instead to get my fix 😆

Hey stars! I am also a teacher and ended up deleting all social media after my last miscarriage over the summer. It was hard at first, but I downloaded a stupid game on my phone to pass the time instead of being on Facebook and Instagram. I really recommend it!

Good for you. I have toyed with the idea in the past, put the apps in a separate folder on my phone to prevent me browsing as often. It's terrible really that I feel the need to browse! Some days, the posts get to you more than others xx

I feel the same hun :( some girl at work has just had a baby and keeps bringing him in every week. I work in an office so it’s my one place to escape and even that is becoming impossible. This girl is an old friend too who knows my situation but still still brings him in all the time and sits him in front of me. It’s So hard xx

That sounds tough, especially when it sounds like it's in your face. I think sometimes, these things can get easier to deal with. I love seeing my friends and their babies, but there are deffo days where I just want to hide away in a hole to stop the hurting 🙁xx

Hi hun, I’m an early years teacher and it’s sooo hard giving advice to parents to give their children more time whilst being where you are. It’s takes strong people to get up each day and smile. Do exactly what you’re doing ‘your best’ then come and talk to the group here!!! Sending big hugs!!! Xxx

Thank you. You're right, it's tough. Especially when you see children who don't have the best home life and I just think how unfair it is that these people can become parents 🙁 Best wishes to you xx

I’ve got rid of my Facebook. It’s a lot easier that way. Always remember, people only advertise their best bits. They all probably have areas of struggle in their lives. It’s the worst thing about social media. People curate their own lives to match up with what they think society deems desirable. Inside, they may be crumbling. I’ve seen many a time, an acquaintance posting: “I love my husband, we are so in love”, and then finding out she was having an affair behind her husbands back! It’s all so fake. That’s why I got rid of it. And that’s why I love it on here! Everyone’s so real and honest. And we all have a lot to gloat about, because we are bloody wonderful, brave, strong and courageous women!

You're so right and I do try to remember that. But it does seem that some people do just have everything as they want it. Which is so wonderful for them but hard to suck up and deal with for myself and all of us with these struggles. We just have to plod on and know that we are facing this head on and are stronger for it ❤️ Thank you xx

Teacher here too, it’s so hard as you encounter pregnancies constantly. Many of my colleagues know about our situation but they were all really hoping that we could fall pregnant in the summer when I was less stressed. It didn’t happen and I think they are almost as gutted as we are! I told enough people for the grapevine to spread our IVF stuff and now my pregnant colleagues are more subtle and sensitive about what they say and the others don’t make as many flippant (and hurtful) comments.

Friends and colleagues who know have been great to be fair. It's the rest of the world!! Well, social media I guess and parents of children that I teach. I can't blame them as they don't know and they are just happy in themselves, who can blame them! 😏 Thank you xx

I'm a teacher too... It really is rubbish but I deleted social media and ignorance really is bliss. FoMo hit for the first weeks but now I haven't looked back. Social media is filled with the highlights of people's lives when really we never see the struggles or difficulties. Stay strong💪 xx

Part of why I don’t have Facebook anymore! It doesn’t make me feel better so Theres no point torturing myself with it x

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