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Social media posts getting me down


Hi Ladies,

Tonight has been a bit of a downer for me, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for about a year and half now, I have endometriosis and my husband has issues with his sperm, slightly low sperm count, issues with morphology etc. We are undergoing tests at fertility clinic. I logged into my Facebook tonight and see a few posts of people either accouncing pregnancies or pictures of new born babies, it’s got me really down and thinking I’m never going to be able to have that!

Sorry for the rant!! X

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Aw Chloe! You will one day! This was me this time last year....we have been trying since 2012.... we started our private IVF journey in jan and started treatment in March! We had our first cycle in May and unfortunately it wasn’t successful... we then had a frozen transfer in July and I’m cyrrently 11 weeks 2 days pregnant 🤞 sending you lots of love .... it will happen for you xxxxx

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Thank you so much for replying. It’s tough isn’t it. Ahh that’s amazing news! I hope you’re pregnancy goes well and wish you the best of luck for you’re future. God bless you xxxx

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No need to thank me, I know how you feel and someone said the same to me and it gives you that but it hope to help you through the tough times .... it is possible and you will get what you want it just might take some time 💗💗💗💗💗💗

It's hard..... there are post like this everywhere. Some days it gets us down more than others but you're entitled to have rant whenever you need to, people here will totally understand.

Don't give up! I know it's heart breaking and draining but I believe it can and will happen. Xx

I feel your pain hun, which is why I've deleted my Facebook account. It's hard as I live in a country by myself a world away from home so it was good to see how family are getting on etc. Butninstill have messanger so I can keep in touch that way. It was just too much. All the posts of babies, bumps and then the worst people complaining about their bratty kids! I would give my right arm to have a bratty kid!! Chin up hun, and you can rant to us anytime, sorry your feeling so low. Happy days ahead huh 😁😘😘😘

It’s harsh isn’t it. I’ve been like that for the last 10 years but I’ve learned to scroll past quickly and not dwell. Facebook is the worst. Look at the positives, you’re starting on your very own journey and hopefully your time will come. Wishing you lots of luck.xx

Totally feel your pain. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

I use the 'snooze for 30 days' function on FB when I know that someone is about to give birth or if I know a friend's child has a party coming up and I just don't feel strong enough to deal with it. I also unfollow but am still friends with some people who are obsessed with sharing perfect family photos!

It means I can still use FB but not have to worry so much about what I might potentially see that could upset me. Xx

Social media can be good fun but also can create a lot of misery when everyone starts comparing their lives with others. I found it really upsetting so unfollowed a lot of people who had babies or were posting memes about sleepless nights etc. I have removed the app from my phone to stop me from a temptation too look. Now I can see mostly adverts and blog posts so I stopped using it altogether. I don’t miss it at all. Why don’t you try to give yourself a break from Facebook for a month or so and see if this made you feel better? Xx

Thank you everyone for you’re lovely comments, it gives me so much hope knowing I can come onto this site and people will understand and not judge me!! God bless you all 😘. Xx

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