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Started taking DHEA and when to take ubiquinol and Co Q10?


Hi all,

I haven't been on here for a while. Been trying to sort some headspace after 2 chemical pregnancies earlier this year after IVF and an FET.

We have now changed clinics and so are looking forward to a fresh start. I have low AMH levels so my consultant has recommended taking DHEA for 3 months prior to starting a fresh cycle of IVF, which I am doing. With my FET, I took Co Q10 and ubiquinol during the medication stage but am just wondering whether to start it now or whether you think it could wait until I start the treatment? I'm not a big fan of pumping extras into my system if I can help- have popped so many pills and injected so many meds this year already, I only want to do what's necessary and going to help!

Anyone else taken DHEA for a second round and seen an improvement with egg quality and quantity?

I've also ordered myself some crystals for fertility, a friend suggested them and I thought, why not, pretty much tried everything else! Xx

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Hi, just seen your post. I took DHEA & COQ 10 on my 4th round. My egg quality was not great and so that contributed to these rounds failing. My 4th round I took both for between 3-4 months before collection. It didn't improve the quantity but I got a beautiful embryo for transfer that we now call Kirsty who was born in January!! I swear it was that combination that worked for me!! Good luck x

Thank you for your reply. So were you taking DHEA as well as CoQ10 and ubiquinol 3 months before? My consultant wants me to take DHEA for 3 months before we do our next round of IVF, so we won't be starting until October time I think. So pleased to hear your news, that's so lovely ❤️ xx

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