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Here we go.. 2nd round of FET

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Hi ladies, just a quick update after our failed IVF ICSI and FET been Picking up myself lately and being optimistic this time around. We decided to go down medicated FET, my nurse reassured that the side effects is gonna be mild. We still have 2 good quality Frosties so will give it another shot!

Has anyone just started or about to start their FET?

How the side effect/how your body react to the medication?

My medication came today and started taking Norestherone.

I silently read for few weeks, this community has been helping me a lot. A lot of realisation- I’m not on my own in this journey and also giving me a lot of hope that miracle happens.

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Hi hun i do my first natural frozen cycle so I start with ovulation tests 2day and 2morrow is my appointment and scan.

Did your first frozen cycle was natural one ? Xx

Hi Hun, yes it was natural cycle. I had my ovulation surge and then 6days after was FET didn’t have a problem thawing it. Worth asking about your level of progesterone and if they will do assisted hatching during the thawing process. Might be helpful to have a progesterone support during natural FET

Wishing you all the luck! Xx

Thank u so much .

In a beginning I was thinking about medicated one but they advised natural one.

Im just on way for my appointment so I will definitely ask .

They did say if the natural one will not “go”the way they want we will switch to medicated one.

How many embryos did u had transferred with your first cycle hun and if u don’t mind me ask why didn’t work ?Thank u hun xx

I had 1 Frosty transffered. I didn’t have progesterone cause when I had my blood test it was quite high and my lining was thick about 9-10. It was also a grad 4aa embryo 5dblast. I bleed early 8dpt - problem with the implantation so this time clinic suggested to do medicated one. Xx

I did ask 2day about progesterone but she said they will only give me if I do medicated one and in natural my body will produce it self . Xx

Worth asking about it. Good luck Hun.. please keep us posted. Just started my medication yesterday, I can’t feel anything yet xxx

Thank u hun and yes I will keep updating .

I hope miracle will happen for us 🙏xxx

Wishing you baby dust on your FET.

And yes I am faithful that miracle will happen for us this time around Good luck!!! xxx

I’ve had two FETs now. Sadly first failed and second also, but via a chemical pregnancy. Indeed, the hormones are much easier on you than what a fresh cycle would’ve been. Be warned though, you’ll get side effects that are the same as if you’d be pregnant - whether you are or aren’t. So annoying! Good luck!

Thank you so much. I know, I feel like I’m back to square 1. Last month my Natural FET was more relaxed and now I feel quite like the fresh IVF.

Sorry to hear about your failed FET. It’s Really get you down getting bfn the 2nd time.

It was heart breaking however I know we will get there.

Do you still have Frosties left? Or are you doing IVF anytime soon?

I’m lucky in the sense that i have a daughter from my second fresh cycle. Now we’re trying for a sibling with the Frosties from that same cycle. Still have another five! So as long as they keep thawing well, I don’t see myself doing a fresh cycle ever again. Not even sure I could bring myself to do another five FETs if none stick...

That’s lovely to hear you had a daughter in your second fresh cycle.

It’s been very difficult I’ve been avoiding medication but my consultant recommended it’s best to do modified FET. It was heart breaking getting BFNs. I had 2 left from my last cycle and I just kept telling myself there must be 1 for me out of 4 embryos. Good luck with your future plan with your other Frosties. The thing is, we have to think emotionally and financially about our situation xxx

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