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First FET cycle underway


After having to do a freeze all on our 1st ICSI back in February/March we've finally started our 1st FET. Mixed emotions at the minute, don't want to get too overexcited incase something happens and we don't get to implantation this time either 🤞🤞

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Great news you’ve started - I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you for a smooth and successful cycle! X

aamiller405 in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much.. Hope you're keeping well xo

Fingers crossed for you! Hope it all goes smoothly x

aamiller405 in reply to 3005

Thank you very much xo

Oh so pleased that your period finally arrived. If your doing a medicated one we’ll be doing our FET’s around the same time 😊 x

aamiller405 in reply to Kyell2

Aw brilliant.. Yes didn't keep me waiting too long! Yip I'm on a medicated one aswell.. How are you getting on? Xo

Kyell2 in reply to aamiller405

It’s all fine so far although I just had my Prostap injection yesterday so no side effects yet! x

aamiller405 in reply to Kyell2

Aw good glad you've no side effects.. We must be on slightly different protocols then as I don't have any injections just tablets this time.. Keep me posted anyway xo

Good luck!

We had a freeze all too and it felt like it took foreeeeeever to come around but you’ll be in a much better place for transfer physically xx

aamiller405 in reply to Solly-44

Thank you.. Yes def been a long time coming.. Hope you're well xox

Solly-44 in reply to aamiller405

I’m good thanks. Enjoying a few drinks and eating junk until I get back on the wagon for my next cycle 😂

Will be keeping an eye out for good news from your fet x

Wishing you all the best with your FET! I'm doing my first FET at the moment, finding it much easier than a fresh cycle and due for transfer on wed! Hope all goes well for you🤞🤞🤞

Aw brilliant thank you ... Best of luck for the rest of your cycle and your BFP xox

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