Unable to start FET cycle again

Hi all,

I got told the Friday before last that I am unable to start our FET cycle again this month. Basically in August I had to abandon a cycle due to meds not working, it turned out my Suprecur hadn't absorbed properly & I had grown a follicle. The following month to attempt to start FET again I had to have an early scan on day 2 to see if a follicle that had grown had disappeared. The follicle has not gone down so I have been adviced to wait for another bleed. I thought at first I was ok with this disappointment but the past week it has hit me hard again. All the feelings of not being able to conceive naturally have come flooding back, anger towards people that do not understand is on my mind & just generally feeling sad. I know I have to be patient & when things will settle down I will be able to attempt again but it doesn't take away my frustration & heart aching.

Feeling very upset this week.l but greatful to have his forum I can speak to with understanding ears to listen. Xx

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  • I completely understand how you feel. I have good days and bad days and it doesn't help when you feel like everyone around you is pregnant. It makes you question yourself even more. I take solice at the fact that I have been able to get through all the difficult times. That makes me proud and proud of people like you. You have come this far and I believe that things will get better. In our situation we get better at being patient and relying on others a bit more. Don't beat yourself up too much and look after yourself.

    Keep us posted on your progress. Xx

  • Thanks so much for ur kind words & understanding. At the moment I'm just feeling sad & don't know what to say about it all. My ovaries are very uncomfortable this month as I was warned they would be, but it's just a constant reminder. It also gives me back ache, I feel like I need to exercise to shake off some negative adrenaline but I can't even do that incase it makes the pain worse. So annoying! X

  • I feel the same way to day. Just SAD😢

    Hope you find a way of copying with the wait before your next cycle.

    Best of luck when you finally start again 🍀

  • I'm so sorry to hear ur having a bad day. I just find it hard that my friends no what this feels like, not that I would wish this on any of them. I never thought this would happen to me to be honest & it's completely taken over my life. X

  • I feel the same here and keep it to myself most days or like you let it out on this forum😊.

    Even if they try to say something to make me feel better (bless them) I just feel like I don't want to hear it exactly because they haven't been through it (not that I wish it on them either).

    But I guess it is just what it is, some days we manage to bottle it all in but on other days it just has to be let out otherwise we can't cope.

    I cried almost all day yesterday for no apparent reason (and yet deep down I knew exactly why) and my heart still feels very tight today (very anxious and I know it's not good).

    Anyhow, I hope you feel better hun and please don't hold back if you want to vent for a bit 😘

  • Thanks so much for your reply honey. I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday, those days truly are hideous. The anxiety is absolutely the worst and your mind starts imagining all sorts.

    I'm constantly sad but today i'm managing to get on with other things thank goodness. Last week i didn't have any desire to do anything.

    I hate not being able to move forward at the moment as it just helps me cope. Knowing i am trying to do something about this situation helps me focus my mind on something and stops it wondering. However now its wondering a lot.

    I'm sad that my family are sad and lonely that some of my mates feel like they don't know what to do or say. I also feel like sometimes they also avoid me or are bored of hearing about my difficulties. :-(

  • Hi Nat, thank you.

    I am feeling better today too and am very happy to hear that you found a bit of peace in the midst of this turmoil. Keep it up and soon we will both be sharing good news 😉.

    Best of luck with everything and keep us posted. I will also keep you all updated.

    Warmest wishes and loads of love xxc

  • Hi Nat6. Sooooo sorry all this has landed at your feet. It's soul destroying when all doesn't quite go to plan. However, I believe they are doing the right things for you, seeing whether the cyst will go down on its own. Obviously, if not, you may have to have it drained before going ahead. All will be sorted for you, its just a bit of a waiting game for you. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I haven't been told it's a cyst, the nurses are just describing it as a follicle that hasn't gone down. This is interesting for me to get your feed back as i am still suffering with lower back pain and i still feel uncomfortable in my ovaries. This is all since i abandoned medication which i started at the beginning of August.

    If it hasn't gone down at the start of my next cycle is draining something that might happen? If so what does that process involve?

    Many thanks again as the more i know the better as i am imagining all sorts.


  • hi Nat6. A persistent enlarged follicle is usually down to an active simple cyst. This is possible in your case, as you are getting discomfort from it. If it is confirmed to be a cyst, then they will probably want to drain it because it will enlarge further as you have stimulation medication. It is usually quite straightforward to do, and is accessed from the vaginal wall just the same as when they do egg collection. Hope all son settles - or is soon sorted. Diane

  • Your an absolute star giving me this information so massive thanks. I have felt like this isn't quite normal and been feeling like "i know my body and i feel like something isn't quite right", just had that gut feeling.

    Thanks so much x

  • Hi Nat6. All a huge nuisance, but they'll sort you out, so you can get cracking again. Diane

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