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Period pains with Progynova


Hi guys,

I am doing a modified FET, with no down regulation. I’m taking 3 Progynova tablets per day (currently day 8) and I keep getting period like pains. Is this normal? I’m stressing myself out so much on this worrying if it’s normal or not!

The Consultant mentioned to me last week that there is a chance these tablets can grow follicles, (which of course we don’t want to happen) but if it does the cycle will be cancelled again. ( last FET cancelled due to failed down regulation)

Got myself convinced that this is what’s happening in there! Scan tomorrow thank goodness as I’m driving myself round the bend!

Anybody had anything similar?

Ps hope everyone is well 💖

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I had this on my prep for my last frozen transfer and all was fine with me. I was on a bit of a higher dose at 4x2mg but they did settle down eventually. It is so nerve rackning as we just associate period pains with bad stuff. I spoke to another girl who has the same so hopefully its just plumping up nicely for you! Good luck for scan tomorrow.xx

Aw thank you so much for replying & putting my mind at ease a bit🙏🏼

How are you doing? So sorry again to read about your recent news❤️xx

You're welcome, I guess we never really know what's going on in there but yes nice to know you're not the only one! Im doing ok thank you, getting pretty much back to normal and hopefully forging a plan ahead for our frosties.xx

Your so strong ❤️ sending you lots of luck for your next steps✨✨✨xxx

I definitely had period pain with progynova on a recent FET! Last time I downregulated, but I think next time I’ll be doing same / similar to you as I can’t handle the buserelin! Good luck ✨🌟 wishing you a lovely thick lining and no follicles! xx

Thank you so much 🙏🏼 I wish you lots of luck for next time✨💞xxx

Period pain and bloating. Just what you want for 2ww and beyond. But hey, it works x

Thanks for the reply! It’s making me not so worried for tomorrow 😆 how are you keeping? You can’t have long now😀xx

I was due last Saturday.... playing a waiting game now and being kicked in the ribs x

Lol, so exciting🤗💞xx

Definitely wouldn't change it for the world x

Hi, I just received my medicated. we decided for medicated FET after a failed Natural FET last month. Im on Norestherone and will start buserelin on the 1st.. I’m dreading it. I was so bad when i did long protocol IVF

Your post is really helpful. Good luck and crossing my fingers for you xx

Hi, thanks so much! Back for a scan tomorrow to check the lining & hopefully transfer will be middle of next week 🙏🏼 I hated buserelin the first time, it failed to down reg me hence we missed out the down reg this time & im so glad!

Wishing you the very best of luck✨🍀💕 Keep us posted xxx

Oh thank you! And you too good luck with your scan tomorrow. Hope everything’s goes well xx

Thank you 🙏🏼xx

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