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Ifff I was to test...? Natural cycle questions


I am doing a natural cycle. Thawed 5 day embryo. OTD 11/6. I am only on progesterone pessaries but no tablets or other injections.

I’m just curious, I know they have said not to test...not that I’m going to (probably will)... but if I was to test at home... how soon could I test? And also another question since I’m on a natural cycle then wouldn’t the test show the actual result I mean if I was taking drugs and I understand that the test could be off but since I’m on a natural cycle wouldn’t be accurate? Or with the progesterone pessaries be messing up the results ?

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Sorry about the spelling errors I was using Siri

Testing 11 June too, which will be 11 days after a 5 day blast transfer. Last time, due to circumstances (OHSS) I tested 9 days after and it was already positive. You haven’t taken a trigger shot? Then the chance of a false positive doesn’t exist I think.

Maybay in reply to Gueritarubia

No it was a frozen cycle because I was at risk of ohhs. Have you felt anything yet?

Gueritarubia in reply to Maybay

Don’t know! Had some tiny twitches last night and am exhausted now, but hey, might be reading too much into everything?!

What about you?

I had a blood test to confirm at 9dp5dt, but had a positive home test at 5dp5dt

Gueritarubia in reply to bms12

Wow, that’s early! Makes me tempted to test early too...

bms12 in reply to Gueritarubia

I wouldn't recommend it incase of a false negative, however I had no willpower so used a frer

Gueritarubia in reply to bms12

I’ll try to wait it out until next weekend. That would get me to 8 or 9 days post transfer. Blood test isn’t until 11 days past!

I started testing around day 8 last time. However I would say, just be wary... if you get a negative it can be pretty crushing and it's hard to keep your hopes up!! Good luck.xx

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