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Bad period pain during IVF injections


I have come on my period on Day 8 of the Buserelin injections.

I started the injections on day 21 of my cycle so have come on my period on time. I heard this is good as a lot of women have a late period?

I tend to have bad period pains anyway as I have endometriosis, however the period pains I’m experiencing now are worse.

I’m experiencing a lot of pain on the sides of my abs - wondering if this is my ovaries?

Did anyone else experience the same sort of pains?

Sending baby dust to you all x


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Hello I experienced exactly the same I got my self all worried about it but then rang nurse and she told me it was perfectly normal... I’m now on day 18 of buscerliny and have just stoped bleeding yesterday I started on day 9 x


Thank you for replying. I Was going to call the nurse tomorrow as was worried.

I have my scan on day 12 which is Thursday. Fingers crossed it’s all working!

Is this your first time too? X


This is my second time but first time I never had a period that’s why I was so worried 🙈 I have my scan Thursday too day 22 x


Hope it goes well....will keep you posted on mine. Good luck hun xx

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Ah thank you very much same goes good luck 🥰 xx

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I had awful period pains when down regulating too. I thought it was just down to the fact it's a forced bleed. It should hopefully settle down. You can use a hot water bottle if that usually would help!xx


Thanks for replying, yes my hot water bottle is currently my best friend! 😊

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