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When did you start progesterone in oil injections?



We saw our Dr yesterday to discuss FET action plan. He suggested we do 2x400 cyclogest Pessaries morning and night from transfer (I think?!) But after I told him my progesterone bloods only came back at 54 with 2x cyclogest he said that wasn't high enough and I would need to do pio every morning and 1x cyclogest in evening.

I can't remember when he said to start progesterone though! Will it be prior to transfer so it's working to help with implantation it is it after transfer?

Also has anyone had any luck using numbing cream in the U.K.? Which brand have you used and how long before you inject do you leave it on for? Does it work? Is it harmful to continue using after you get pregnant?

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Hi, I started progesterone injection on day of egg collection. I have used a numbing cream for tattoos called TXTK. There are different strengths. You can use it for injections. I don’t know about the use during pregnancy though, sorry. Good luck x

Great I'll check it out. Thanks

It does take 30min to work so it would be quite time consuming. This is the first time I’ve had progesterone injections and I am finding them really painful after the injection. Wonder if it’s cause of the volume of fluid 😠 x

Do you massage it really hard after injecting? That's supposed to help

I’ll try that, thanks x

Hi, PIO (and other pessaries) is roughly started a 5-7days prior your transfer. I was always advised to administer PIO in the evening time though.

Good luck xxx

Interesting. I'll have to double check who my Dr said mornings...Thanks

Just with the progesterone oil warm it up before you inject as it's easier and less painful xx I never used any numbing cream as it just took too long. I tried ice pack but it didn't work and made it more painful x wishing you lots of luck xx

Thanks for replying. I used an ice pack before the other injections but I think intramuscular and oil should be heated first. Good tip on heating oil.first

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