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Which supplements to take? TTC!!BFN!!


Hello every1. Right now my brain is exploding. I hv been actively searching for natural ways or supplements that can aid my body to get pregnant. Im going crazy with all the names coming up. There are so many options!!

Like in these 2 links



And enzymes like


wobenzym n

I went to a nutritionist who recommended me iron ( since my hb is low). B complex( but i dont take it as it makes me feel nauseous) and vit D.

I really wanna do something for my body to support healthy pregnancy. All the conditions endo, adeno, fibroids have made my life hell.

I got my periods today making me all the more desperate. Im eating healthy. Though I need to gain weight since my weight is really low. I live in belgium and I cant find a suitable nutritionist to aid me. I hv my first appointmnt with endo spacialist in May.

What has helped you? How can I improve my chances of concieving?

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Hey! Check out healendo.com/ebook/heal-end...

She put her endo into remission and conceived. She is so well researched!! Good luck xx


Hi Amyskb. Anyone replying with brand names etc., please do so by private message. Otherwise, with regards to you trying to gain weight, I assume you have seen a dietitian for his/her advice? If not, then get your GP to refer you. The iron replacement you need. Do you need Vitamin B? Please don't forget the Folic Acid, which would be covered in a good quality pre-conception multivitamin. Serapeptase works as an blood thinner, and is sometimes recommended for endometriosis. I would check anything else out with your specialist or GP, as you don't want to overdo them. Good luck! Diane

recidwen in reply to DianeArnold

Sorry Diane! Totally forgot.

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to recidwen

No probs! xx

Amyskb in reply to DianeArnold

Hello Diane. Yes I do need vit b. But apparentely it destroys my appetite. I think I shud start with a pre conception supplement since i am not taking any. Thanks for the info!!

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Amyskb

Good luck! Diane

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