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We got our Referral - just shows how much a good Dr is worth!!

So myself & my husband went to see our GP the other day following the shocking news that my husband has a very low sperm count. (should be 39 million and his is 14million). Anyway We knew my weight would be an issue with a BMI of 52 and knew that we wouldn't get referred and felt like we had no hope. With me no Ovulating and his low sperm count its not even like we can continue to try!

Anyway our Dr is amazing, she said regardless of the issue of my weight she put us forward for our referral to the fertility clinic at the hospital. She did say my weight will be a factor but they also may refuse us based on our ages. Im 25 and my husband is 22. I cant fathom how they can refuse us based on age considering we've been trying for 4 years and not gotten anywhere and also because we both have problems which wont right themselves! The Dr has flat out told me my not ovulating is not linked to my weight at all and despite being overweight I am perfectly healthy!

I am constantly being healthy an trying to lose weight and to help me along she's prescribed me Orlistat, anyone had any experience with this at all?

Im glad that at least we have an amazing Dr behind us, very straight talking and we got a referral against all the odds. MY BMI subsequently is now down to 48 :)


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That's great news - good GPs are worth their weight in gold!

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Your go sounds great. The sperm count itself won't be a prob it depends out of the 14 million how many are properly form and good mobility. Most clinics are very strict on BMI though and has to be 30 or under to get treatment on the NHS x

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Fantastic news about the referral-so pleased for you! Glad you have found a supportive GP -you need that going through all this. I'm lucky my GP has been great during this.

Well done on the weight loss-good job 👍🏻

Not had any experience orlistat-but have experienced weight problems-due to having PCO -which only got diagnosed in August after 5 long years of trying.

My insulin levels ars high-I'm boderline type 2 diabetes. I've tried many diets over the years-nothing worked. Until our consultant put me on a low GI diet-it's limiting your carbs right down and filling up on vege. It's the only diet that's ever worked for me-and it's so easy to do and I never feel deprived.

My consultant didn't want me to do high impact sport- in case it led to me eating sugary snacks afterwards!! 😉I go swimming a few times a week and walk my dogs everyday.

Maybe check with your GP if the low GI diet is suitable for you.

I do know the consultant can issue medication to help you ovulate-clomid is usually a first line treatment-I'm on my 4th cycle.

Its baby steps-but you're going in the right direction!

Hope your appointment goes well x


Im not on low GI my GP just prescribed me orlistat and also advised to cut carbs. I already an Lactose intolerant and don't eat Gluten cause of IBS. My biggest issue is forgetting to eat regularly so I have a very slow metabolism now!

Had swabs today, whoever invented a speculum needs shooting!


Oh I know-it must've been invented by a man!!!!

The things us ladies have to do have a baby-it will be worth it 😊


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