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Ectopic pregnancy - need advice


I've currently got an ectopic pregnancy and have had an injection of methotrexate to try resolve it instead of the surgery.

I'm worried about conceiving again after this and it happening again cos I know once you've had one the chances of it happening again are higher.

Has anyone on here had one and then successfully got pregnant or had another ectopic? Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me.

I suffer from endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I had endometriosis removed a year ago but it wasn't found near my ovaries or tubes. I know its returned as an MRI scan suggests it's back on some ligaments but I don't know if its returned else where unless I have another lap - which is now a worry because I know scar tissue can form and block the tubes after surgery.

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I had a second ectopic unfortunately, and my tubes were not damaged at all so no explanation why, just awful luck.

But everyone is different, wishing you luck next time! X

One of my bffs had an ectopic and had the injection. It was resolved fairly quickly and she went on to conceive again. Her little girl was one in February xx

Hello sorry to hear about your ectopic. One of my colleagues had one last March but is now 22 weeks pregnant again. I think it’s just down to luck but hopefully it will all work out for you x

So sorry for your loss I have had 3 ectopics it is awful awful luck but I assumed my tubes were so Damaged however when I had c section (Ivf) they said they look fine so I still have no idea why I had 3 wishing all the luck statistics say 80% of women go on to have a healthy pregnancy after 1st ectopic XX

Im really sorry for your loss and I hope you are ok. I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy in 2017 and had one of my tubes removed. I also have endo and low ovarian reserve. I had a round of ICSI 5 months after my surgery (we had been referred for male factor issues before I had my ectopic pregnancy) and I now have a 9 month old daughter. Really hope everything works out for you. Xx

Hi hun ive had 2.. 1st one my tube was removed they told me my other one was blocked and i would go on to have a another 1 but i never i got caught have and had a baby boy who is now 10years old since then i get preg again and it was ectopic so had them both removed so now ive just started ivf and waiting to start stims.. never give up hope hun cuz if i did and had my other removed i would never of gone on to have my son xx

Thanks everyone for replying and sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I ended up having 2 injections of methotrexate but they didnt work for me and I had to have the surgery to remove the tube on Friday. It's been a long 3 weeks and exhausted from it all :( surgery went well, just resting and recovering now. Thanks again for taking the time to respond ❤❤ xx

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