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Do i need to worry about ovulating naturally before egg collection?


Just checked my fertility app and it says i'm due to ovulate on Monday (entered period date just before thus cycle). I am currently 6 days into short protocol gonal f injections and have a second scan on saturday. Should i mention this to them? Is there something that stops natyral ovulation during ivf stimming or they just hoping to get them extracted in time? Does anyone know?

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Your app is not reliable as it goes on average. That and the fact that you will have had an injection to stop ovulation will mean you are fine. Speak with the clinic if you are really worried but the app is just an electronic thing and not you x

Nobabyyet in reply to Camillage

Thanks just not even sure if i have an injection to stop was just hoping. I'll give them a call 2moro to be sure. Been getting massage to help me relax so wanna check thats okay too. I'm sure they'll think i'm a torture. Thanks for your reply x

Camillage in reply to Nobabyyet

If you told the masseuse what you are doing it should be ok. Especially if they are a fertility one. But make sure they know exactly what stage you are at x

Hey I asked the clinic about this and they said that the drugs they gave me will stop early ovulation xo

Thanks aamiller405. I'm sure they kniw what they are doing but might call 2moro to stop me stressing.x

Are you on busereline/suprecur (injection) or syneral (nasal spray) or something similar? These drugs are used to stop you ovulating until you have your trigger shot. Your clinic would have prescribed something to prevent ovulation. I hope this helps xx

Nobabyyet in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thanks. Had a prostap injection b4 starting and just on gonal f with some ovritrelle in fridge i think but i'm sure you're right...there will be something. Just worrying about every detail.

It could be due to the medication that the doctor is giving you. The apps are not really reliable. Therefore, I dont think it will have an impact on your process. Good luck to you. If you think it could be an issue then on the next visit do mention. It is always good to keep the clinic well aware. I hope things go well for you. Sending prayers.

Nobabyyet in reply to hannahding

Thank you.x

The drugs you're taking will be controlling your cycle and they scan you a few times to check progress of the follicles then when all looks good the trigger shot makes you ovulate at the exact time they're going to do the egg collection - that's why it's so important to do that injection at the correct time. But definitely ask your clinic next time you're there so they can explain it properly and put your mind at rest xxx

Thank you MissSaoPaulo.x

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