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Fertility clinic refused


I have been trying for a baby for a number of years with my ex and my current husband. I was referred with my ex but decided to cancel as I wanted a divorce by that point. I had to wait another 2 years after meeting my current partner as you have to start all over again. I managed to get an appointment finally for next week, I know I am the issue, my husbands sperm count is normal. I have just had a call from the hospital to say they are cancelling my appointment as my husband is not a permenant resident (he is on a spouse visa) I am British, have lived here my entire life and pay taxes, I am not sure what to do as I have just spent all my money on a new house, assuming I would be getting to see the fertility clinic soon. They have said I have no other option but to seek private health care because of my husbands residency ( he is planning to stay here) I just want to find out, is this it? Am I not going to get any help through the NHS? I am in my early 30’s and by the time my husband gets permenant residency I will be in my mid 30’s. I have both PCOS and Diabetes and I know time isn’t on my side.

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Hi Happyheart212. If your partner is on a spousal visa and not a visitors visa, there should not be an issue. If you confirm this, kindly take it up with your local NHS body.

I spoke to them and they were fully aware, she said he doesn’t have permenant residendency as he is on a 2.5 years visa :( not sure how to take it up with my local NHS body? Where do I start?

I was refused NHS-funded fertility treatment due to my visa (I’m Australian), but as far as I understood, if the woman being treated is eligible for funding, which you are, then funding should be given. I had asked whether it made any difference that I was married to an E.U. citizen, and they told me that had I been the EU citizen and my husband Australian, I would have qualified! Go figure... I hope you find a solution soon.

That’s what I said, surely because I’m British they should see me at least, I understand the IVF part but just to be seen by a specialist and offered clomid as my GP won’t prescribe it.

She said we are seen as a ‘ couple’ not an individual when it comes to fertility issues.

Hi Happyheart212.

I am so sorry for the disappointment you must be feeling. You must feel devastated by it. 😢

I don’t personally know all the criteria’s set by NICE although each CCG criteria will vary.

I would advise you to see your GP & get some advice from them; if you decide to appeal the decision it would be helpful to have them on your side 🙂The fertility website shows you how to go about appealing 🙂

We couldn’t access NHS funded IVF as I have a son from a previous relationship even tho my hubby has no children. Luckily for us we didn’t need it; we just needed for me to be diagnosed with endometriosis & have it treated ( it took 6 years nearly to find 🤦🏽‍♀️ & I had 3 surgeries to treat it as it was worse after my miscarriage) & I’m now 24 weeks after a 7 year struggle.

I hate the ways these CCGS can impose such unfair criteria; everyone should have the right to be referred to a fertility clinic to at least get investigations done & get a diagnosis for the cause of infertility 🤷🏼‍♀️

Failing this could you save up or get friends & family to help you afford a private consultant to see what they think? If it’s just PCOS & your tubes are clear ( you’d need a test to prove this) you could try clomid to boost ovulation? Some clinics offer package deals for initial tests before deciding what treatment is best suited for you both 🙂

Wishing you the best on your journey & hope you get good news soon xoxo

I had a good cry on the phone and then to my mother, she said she would help ( I feel so bad they have just helped with the deposit to my house) if I knew this was the case I wouldn’t have bought a house and just used the money for this.

My GP is absolutely useless, he was pretty clueless on how to do the referral, it was refused initially as he had forgotten to send some key information within 5 days of them contacting him, had to constantly chase up and only last week I got the appt and it was cancelled yesterday.

It’s just been one thing after another (I hate being so negative- I almost feel like it’s not meant to be)

Hey guys! Not sure what the criteria is but I was not allowed NHS funding either. I am on a spousal visa was on a work sponsored visa previously as a solicitor for an international bank. I lived in the Uk for 14 years and with every visa I did I had to pay into the NHS. My husband is a Brit. But maybe in London boroughs the rules are different but I definitely don’t qualify. I have private insurance which I use more often for non fertility stuff and we had to go private. I agree with previous poster speak to GP to work out if you qualify (in my opinion you should. Let us kbow

I understand my husbands part and I would happily pay but they are refusing to see me, I am going to try and get an appointment with my GP and don’t know how much help he will be as he has been clueless on the most part. Thank you for your support


Struggling to get my head around what you are saying. I can’t make sense of it. If you went as a single individual would they treat you? My experience so far with the NHS is that I’m the one being treated. Look up the NICE guidelines and also the clinics policy documents, all will be available on line. The clinic should also have a quality manager who should be able to advise on this. It’s worth fighting. Best of luck Xx

jengi in reply to jengi

You should be entitled to fertility testing at the very least


Happyheart212 in reply to jengi

They have said in the case of fertility you are seen as a couple not an individual, which makes no sense to me.

jengi in reply to Happyheart212

Perhaps the fertility network can give you some advise? Worth getting in touch with them. fertilitynetworkuk.org

Happyheart212 in reply to jengi

I just have, they have asked me to put everything in an email, thanks for the advice.

Im so sorry they did that to you. But fight and get back to them thry need to give you a reasonable explanation. Just talk to your Gp thry might be able to help you.

I'm bulgarian and i have permanent residence, my husband is turkish and has indefinite to remain and now waiting for his passport.

Wr have both lived in UK for quite a long time, paying taxes and everything and nobody even questioned us anything. The GP even pushedto try and get IVF through the NHS..

It's so unfair what they've done to you really. Like the others said you are the one treated and they shouldn't even ask what your husband's status is as long he is.

Goood luck and hope things change you get funding xxxx

It’s because he has ILR my husband is curren On the 2.5 year and will have to reapply in a few months again for it to be extended. It will take around 3 more years before he gets ILR, I just don’t understand.

It’s awful when you feel you are having to battle every step 😔 Could you see a different gp, even a different one at the same surgery could be better? Your one sounds pretty hopeless and it might really help to have some more on the ball fighting your corner. Good luck xx

How about calling your local M. P. ???

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