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Fertility clinic referral

Hi, I am currently in the process of being referred to a fertility clinic. Myself and my husband have been ttc baby no.2 for almost 2 years now. I have a massive mixture of emotions about all of it and I am a little anxious about the fertility clinic. I am constantly thinking about things I should/shouldn't be doing. I just don't know what to expect!

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Hi and welcome 😊

I have recently been re referred to an NHS fertility clinic (long story!) Im currently awaiting to receive my appointment. 

I can having been through it talk you through a bit about the first appointment (tho everyone's will differ). 

First appointment is usually with a fertility nurse who will look through any tests your GP has done and see if there is any cause for concern. ( I had to repeat progesterone blood test as one showed no ovulation). She also took swabs and arranged an HSG( which is an X-ray that basically assesses your uterus and checks if your tubes are clear- done usually between day 8 and 10 of your cycle so you're not preg as it could cause miscarriage. )

The fertility nurse will talk through treatments and what your entitlements are ( for us no assisted conception as I have a child from a previous relationship- that's why we were discharged).

The nurse will arrange an appointment with your consultant. He/she will discuss your test results and what your best treatment options are. 

I hope this helps a bit! 

Can be quite daunting but remember it's steps close towards having your much wanted baby. 

Although my referral is in my name (issues my side) my GP thinks it would be a good idea to take my husband with me. 

Also treatment needs both parties consent to go ahead.

Good luck with it all. Keep me posted. X

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As you have been referred to an nhs fertility clinic you might know how to help me. I have been battling infertility for 3 years and we are thinking about asking our doc to refer us. The isue is that i am overweight and my bmi is over 30. I know I cant do treatment through nhs until my bmi is 30 or lower. But I was told that my doctor can still refer me and full investigation can be done regardless of my weight? Is that right? 


Personally I would see your GP asap.They can get the ball rolling by running some basic hormonal blood tests, and a sperm test for other half. 👍I  think you'll both feel so much better once you are doing something about it. I don't see why the GP wouldn't run tests just because of bmi. Ours never even weighed us!

I hear of people on here at NHS clinics and being over bmi but justtold to lose weight before treatment can start.

My General gynae ( which is how I got re referred to NHS fertility clinic) said after 18 months of trying you are entitled to be referred to NHS clinic. (We've been trying for nearly for 5 years) 

Thing is it will take a few months to get a referral appointment with a nurse. Nothing is quick with the NHS. Afraid to say.You could start trying to lose a few pounds before appointment. 😘When you are feeling less stressed.  It is such a difficult situation to find yourselves in. 😔

I wouldn't let the fact you are over bmi stop you from seeking help.  It would be beneficial if you both go to appoitment together 😊

Wishing you the best and I hope that you get answers soon. Let me know how you get on. X


Hi thank you. Myself and my husband are both undergoing test's as my husband has a son from a previous relationship and we have a child together so like you will not receive any help through the NHS. Thank you for explaining a bit about the first appointment. This sounds so bad but in a way I hope they do find something wrong so it can be fixed.


The general rule about NHS funding when you have a child is they will issue you meds like Clomid etc but not assisted conception such as IVF. 

It doesn't sound bad Hun x I can understand that x having suffered with "unexplained infertility " for nearly 5 years you want an answer and solution x it's very reasonable x my general gynae who I was under thinks I've got issues caused by ovulation x he thinks I need clomid x hence his recommendations  for re referral to fertility specialist x got a lot of issues with my periods x hope fertility specialist agrees with him x keep in touch x we'll probably have our appointments around the sane time x I hope you get your answers and can progress towards having a baby x Good luck 😘 


Thank you, hope you get some more answers to and get the clomid. I think I might have problems with my ovulation as well..... but that's just what I think. Good luck to you too xx


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