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Egg collection tomorrow 🍳


As the title suggests, and I’ve come over all nervous! This is my second time around...

What if it all ends the way it did before and I have an empty sac, I miscarry?!

What if they don’t get any eggs?

What if they don’t fertilise?!

Sorry for venting ladies but I’m keeping this cycle quiet to as many people I know as possible. I suppose I need some words of encouragement. Anyone else awaiting their egg collection? 💕🤞🏼🍀

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Not at that stage myself but fingers crossed for you, I really hope it all goes well this time x

Stop worrying and im sure it will be fine... sending prayers your way xx

this is the place to vent, we’re all behind you.

all the best tomorrow. sending positive vibes your way✨✨✨

Good luck tomorrow xx

I had my egg recovery a week past Monday and my embryo transfer last Saturday. It's natural to feel nervous I was too this being my 4th. Thinking the worst is going to make your 2ww worse than what it would normally be. Sorry it didn't work out for you last time but that doesn't mean it's not going to work for you this time. Stay positive I know it's hard but you will get there one day💖 good luck xx

sending you positive vibes, good luck!!!

Good luck for today, be thinking of you xx


I think all of your feelings are completely natural and we all feel them as we go through this rollercoaster of a journey. All I can advise is to take each day as it comes. Good luck for today, hope all goes well and you get a good number of eggs. X

Wishing you luck for today!xx

Good luck

Hopefully you will have a good egg collection


Wishing you lots of luck lovely 💗🤗😘

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