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URGENT: How bad is it to leave Ovitrelle trigger shot out of the fridge for 5hours?

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Hi, been a tough day and I was so tired that I forgot to put the ovitrelle trigger shot that I picked up from the clinic this afternoon in the fridge as soon as I got home... It must have been 5 hours in total out of the storage conditions. Has anyone experienced that, still used it and egg collection went fine?

I'm freaking out even though I know the on-call nurse is looking into it, I could use your advice. Many thanks in advance lovely people.

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Heya am unsure but really hoping be fine for u. Guess depends where left it and what temp was like maybe. Hope nurse gets back to u soon to reassure.🤞🤞 it will be fine. Sure ur not the first to do it. Take care and best wishes x

Arghhh... there is so much to remember with ivf!! I haven’t been in the same predicament as my meds were delivered at home and I was advised to put my trigger in the fridge ASAP.

Hopefully the nurse will come back to you shortly 💕 xx

All these meds are just horrible to think about.... I am not a doctor or nurse (but a scientists) and I dont know for sure, but I am convinced that it does not matter, especially not in the UK on a winters day unless you did not leave it next to the radiator.

When I get my ovitrelle, I take it home with me by bus in my bag, sometimes I quickly run into the supermarket as well, so I have it out of the fridge for up to 2hrs and it has always been fine!

I put none of my medicines in the fridge! It says on them a max and a min temp usually. Check what max was - doubt it was very low.


On the data information sheet in the box, it’ll give you the temp range. If you are uncertain phone the pharmaceutical company & they will advise.

Good luck!

A pharmacist told me injectable medicines are fine out of a fridge for 6h

Hope your clinic can give you confirmation soon x

I was told to keep my ovitrelle in the fridge for first cycle and not on second cycle. On the second one, was told if out the fridge then keep it out and then you’ve got 28/30 days to use it. Don’t know if they were two different types or not - freaked me out a bit when was told this and even called pharmacy can to check. The leaflet said it was ok. I’d double check that if you have it and/or calls the pharmacy to check x

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Hi Hattie. It will be fine, just doesn’t need to be anywhere too warm. Diane

Hi everyone, thanks all for your messages and support. Unfortunately, my clinic and consultant wanted me to get another one... So frustrating, as I had to get out of my way to source it the same day (I needed the shot on Thursday night), which cost me a fortune as my local pharmacy charged me twice the price for it!

I just can't believe the manufacturer isn't being clear and consistent on the instructions... It could be so simple, but of course they take advantage of us to sell as many as they can! 😢 Yet another frustrating part of the process...

All the best to all.

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