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Is it possible not to OV after trigger?


Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I’m on Clomid for the last 7 months with ov being on and off successful depending on dosage.

I’m on 150mg and went to hospital on Monday and was triggered with a follicle measuring just over 17mm. Last month I was triggered with 16mm and ovulated.

Now it has been 48hrs after triggering and I still haven’t got EWCV which I ALWAYS have. I actually had a little bit on Monday morning before the injection but it stopped after. As I never get any other symptoms when ovulating a rely on CV to know that it worked.

Is it possible that it didn’t work? Thank you!

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The simple answer is yes- it can easily not work one cycle.

A day 21 progesterone test usually shows if you’ve ovulated- it may well be that you are also ovulating later this time but given your previous cycles it’s difficult to know.

The best you can do is not worry and keep trying 😊

A lady on here had what appeared a failed cycle but actually ovulated early and fell pregnant .considering you had symptoms before the trigger this may be a possibility

Good luck x

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Thank you! Yes, I am trying to keep positive and we are definitely still trying!

I have a blood test booked on Monday so I will know soon if it worked or not. I really hope it already worked or maybe it will happen in the next few days. I read that same people ov as late as 5 days after trigger!

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Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately sometimes it's just one of those things and no explanations.

Not every egg is supposed to be fertilised and not every embryo implant.

Difficult to accept for us but helps to remember so we don't read into every little thing.

(Or so I tell myself !)


Hi Sbevms. Well having the trigger shot should give you your best chance, so obviously, I do hope it works for you. Thinking of you. Diane

Update: I did ov after all! It’s really bizarre as I didn’t feel anything at all!

The progesterone levels seem a bit low (33) but the nurse that anything above 30 means I ovulated and that she has a paciente that got pregnant with 25!

I had lost my hopes before so now I just feel like is a “bonus” chance :) Fingers crosses this Xmas I’ll get the best present in the world!!

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I am happy that it worked! Actually 33 is a really high number, usually clinics say that anything above 20 is really good (and some clinics say even lower). I had once 35 and they were over the moon with this result!

I keep my fingers crossed that this was your cycle xx

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Thank you! I saw you are on your 2ww too! I’ve been there s few times and is not fun :( My wait finishes on Xmas day so it could go either way...I’ll either have the best Xmas ever or will spend in tears.

I hope your year finishes with a BFP! Maybe this is it for us :) xx

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