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New to this. What to expect?

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Hello everyone 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’m wondering if you could help me. We were told in November that we could start IVF (after over 2 years of TTC and miscarriage etc) and the waiting time For treatment was 5 months. However, we then received a letter in January to say that we are top of the list! 😍 We’ve booked in for the initial blood tests and semen analysis in early February. The letter said this can take 6 weeks to analyse. I’m just wondering, what happens next? 🤷🏼‍♀️ What kind of time scale should I be expecting? We will be going to the QE in Gateshead.

Thanks in advance xx

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Hey, I hope things go well for you. I am glad that your time has come. The next step is that after the analysis if the results are not good they will suggest medication to your husband. So that the quality of the sperm could be improved. However, hopefully, the quality would be good and you would be moved forward. You will have to take shots for the next few days until the retrieval. After that, the doctor's job will start. Just don't get tensed and hope for the best.

Wow ok thank you. Didn’t realise it would happen so soon xx

Hi hun, just relax and wait for the result but in the meantime take supplements such as CoQ10, vit d3, DHEA, folic acid, and l’arginine. Which depends on your condition too but those supplements I would called Fertility Cocktail. I just had my first ivf last two weeks and had 3 eggs retrieved but fail during fertilization. My condition are low AMH, fluid on both tubes. Now rest for a month before start my 2nd cycle.

Good bless you both and baby dust to us!

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Also hun, my doctor didn’t tell me to take those supplements which may or may not cause the failure. But from a friend told me that some she knew had lower amh than me take those pills 3-6months before ivf, success in the first try.

Thank you. I’m sorry it didn’t work. Hope it does this time 🤞🏻

I have been taking some of these supplements since September after reading “It Starts with the Egg” which if you haven’t read, i would definitely recommend as I learnt a lot from it and have made quite a few changes. Xx

Hopefully. Take a month off before start and taking my supplements. Good luck to us both!

Hi there! I hope you are doing well now. I m glad that you are opting for IVF. IVF is a great treatment tbh. You just need to make sure you opt for a clinic with a high success rate. Good luck! Stay blessed!

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