What to expect at first appointment?

Hi all,

My referral and appointment finally came through and we're booked in for the first meeting at the fertility clinic on Tuesday. I'm feeling very anxious though I'm not sure why. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on what we can expect from the first appointment? Will they just discuss our issues and start us off on either ivf or icsi right away? Or is it more likely to be more waiting for 3rd/4th repeat tests and things?

Than you all so much, this forum has been a real lifeline during many times of shock and confusion. Sending love to you all x

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  • Hello, I think each place varies with what you do at a first appointment. 

    At our first appointment it was literally form filling and discussing what happens as well as a referral for my husband to go for his big analysis test. 

    What followed after that was when results were back, our Dr came to next appointment and went through protocols etc.

    I've had another appointment since for major form filling (takes forever!) and blood tests but they're only doing this so everything is in order since we can't start yet because the clinic is moving. 

    Good luck! 

  • Hi are you private or NHS? My first referral  appointment I was out quicker than it took me to park (NHS) they referred me for hysteroscopy more blood tests as my doctor lost previous ones. Second visit for results was referred for uterine scrape (luckily I have medical to cover this otherwise I'd be waiting now for that) My husband had a daughter 20 years ago so I can't have Ivf so maybe that's why they don't seem to care much, plus my postcode area is cutting back on fertility support.

    Fingers crossed you don't have to wait so long but be prepared for a bit more waiting. Good luck to you both xx

  • Hi JC. I was very anxious before my first appointment and wanted to know everything in advance too!! We met with the consultant who talked about our issues, asked some questions and determined that we would need ICSI. We both had some blood tests and I have height/weight checked for BMI. He made an appointment for DH to get his sperm tested for a second time and recommended cutting our alcohol etc which we had already done. It was quite a short but positive meeting. That was in the end of November. I had a scan in December then our next appointment was in March so be prepared for a wait! I'm now down regulating with a view to starting stimms next week so that might give you an indication of time frames depending on what clinic you are with. This site has been amazing for me too, please come back if you have any questions, there's always someone here who understands what we're going through and can help. Good luck with your appointment! x o x o

  • Thank you all so so much. Well I was a little disappointed when I came out to be honest. Essentially we've been told to "try harder". It was strange because she said she wanted to ignore the seamen analysis (which was the reason we were referred) because it wasn't that bad (morphology is only 3% and motility A 4% + 20% abnormally swimming and the rest immotile). They are going to give me an ultrasound on my ovaries, then at my next period an x-ray procedure involving a scrape and some dye injection. There were lots of questions I wish I had asked. DH is feeling much better as he's taken it to mean that there's no problem, and we've probably just not been trying enough. Where as I feel more confused now, and I know it's terrible but I have a lot of doubt surrounding the things she said. She laughed it off when we mentioned whether the ivf or icsi was something that needed discussing. I really appreciate the perspective on time lines from you all, I'm so sorry it's been such a grueling wait xx

  • Oh what a nightmare. book in with your GP again and see what they recommend or ask to be seen again as you wasn't happy with the outcome. The dye test is good as it shows if there are any issues on your side and you will probs have more blood tests done again. Do you see the consultant again after these tests? x

  • Yeah she said we'd see her again after those tests were done. Perhaps I misread her optimism as being casual, I was hyper stressed with nerves before going in plus now I'm a bit frightened by the dye test lol. I never thought I'd be so sensitive about it all x

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