New, scared and unsure what to expect!! - Secondary infertility

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am 35 mum of 1 wee boy who is 6 and I am eternally grateful for him. Didn't think there would be any problem conceiving number 2 and alas 4 years later still hasn't happened! Starting IVF journey privately on Monday 6th Nov beginning with tests. Can you guys tell me your experience of the journey and what to expect? Thankyou Dawn xx

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  • It's great that you've decided to get all the tests done. Depending on your results you may need more investigative tests. Keep us updated on your progress and welcome to the group! You should start with blood tests and your partner a sperm sample test. X

  • Hi Scarlett, thanks for replying. Yea bloods and sperm sample this Monday then scan the following week then make a plan. Have you been through the process? xx

  • Hi yes I've just done my first round and I'm in the dreaded 2 week wait before I can do a pregnancy test! If you click on me and look at my wall you'll see my journey in posts if you want to. I've had to have a lot of tests and investigations and 2 surgeries this year but finally after a year since I went to my gp I am doing ivf. X

  • Aw wow huge good luck to you, really hope u get some good news. yea I will defo have a look over your posts thankyou. The wait must be unbearable but good positive vibes being sent your way xx

  • Hi Dawn welcome there are lots of people on here that can answer questions, they are all really supportive. I'm sorry that you are having to go through this, I already have a child who is almost 10 from a previous relationship but I now have blocked/damaged tubes so have had to go the ivf route with my husband. I had a hycosy where they insert dye that's how they found out about my tubes, sperm and blood tests were all fine. I had my tests in July and luckily we were in the right place with my cycle so started treatment straight away. It all happened fairly quickly once we got all the results back. Anyway good luck with it all, do you know what tests you will be having? X

  • Hi Penders thanks so much for replying to me. have you been successful with treatment? we are having semen analysis and bloods on Monday then scan the following week xx

  • It was successful and we got our positive but unfortunately it ended a couple of weeks ago with a missed miscarriage! We have a couple of frozen embryos so will go again in the new year. I hope all goes well with your tests. Let me know how you get on. Xx

  • Aww I am so so sorry this all sucks. I will do thanks xx

  • Welcome! I am in same boat secondary infertility . I have a few 3.5yo & no real answer as to why it’s not happening. We have had one failed ivf cycle sadly & results from that (amh) suggest I have low ovarian reserve which I’m clinging on to as the cause. I’ve had almost all the tests done so happy to share experiences. Just want to say I know how you are feeling, it’s really tough although eternally grateful for the one we do have x

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