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Bad day

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Apologies for the rant below but .....

Today has been a shit day:

1) it’s been a year since we buried my nana who was my best friend

2) I accidentally found out my best friend is pregnant ( I used her amazon account for something and she had left pregnancy things in her basket that she’s forgotten about.)

3) I was three weeks late showing some early signs of what I hoped beyond Hope was pregnancy it I started a ridiculously heavy period 2 nights ago. The cramps have been awful and so heavy.

So all in all I feel awful. Just needed to share with people who understand. My friends just don’t get why would they? They all have babies and fell pregnant easy. They can’t imagine what ttc for 5 years been told <1% chance naturally means and not being viable for NHS funding and not being able to afford private.


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I am so sorry - that really does sound like a shocker.. these things always seem to come in threes

I can’t fix any of it but just wanted to send a virtual hug and say treat yourself tonight you deserve a break. I am not sure any of this gets easier but you are in good company xx

So sorry lovely. It sounds as though it's a really difficult time for you and I can't imagine doing this process for 5 years!! It's got to be heartbreaking. Sorry to also read about the anniversary of burying your nana. We're all here to offer support. Sending hugs xxx

So sorry to read this does sound like an awful day and to find out on your best friend in this way must have been such a shock especially today if all days xx

I’m so sorry. I lost my nana a year ago too and we were very close. Trying to cope with that and to just keep on TTC can feel almost impossible at times. It’s all very well and good for experts to recommend “no stress”, but easier said than done when you feel like the bottom has dropped out of your world xx

This sounds so hard. So sorry for this. Take good care of u xx

Hope your feeling a bit better today...Sounds like a super crummy *insert swear word* kind of day... So hard , be kind to yourself X

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