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TTC Cramping 3 weeks pior to period. Due in 4 or 6 days

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Looking for kind support. (Sorry long post).. related to gyne conditions and possible pregnancy related...maybe.

Am struggling and I just need to some how cope.

I have so many gyne issues. Fibroids, Adenomyosis, cervical stenosis and alot of scar tissue etc. History of cyst.

Only have one ovary and tube as lost my right due to a massive Dermoid cyst years ago where it twisted and destroyed tube and ovary.

I have one son who is 2 and half. I am very lucky as had operation to stretch cervix to help my pain and to increase my chances to fall pregnant -however we didnt know i was pregnant - all test were negative so thats why had operation. So he is a miracle and I know am lucky.

I had a horrible ectopic miscarriage pregnancy last summer. Which has possibly damaged my only tube. So pos making me infertile.

Am currently trying to fall pregnant and i am approx few days away from period.

I've had cramping which is normal for me and increases during ovulation and pre period. But the intensity this time has been off the chart. (Its been getting worse last 3 months especially). But this month it's been literally non stop for 3 weeks and very painful. Waking me up and effecting even the simplest of tasks especially last few days.

At present I have negative pregnancy test...and am not holding out much hope...considering my history.

Next month I will be having a Hysterosalpingography so consultant can decide the future forward from fertility or discussing pain relief or hysterectomy.

Am seeing doc Thursday as am really worried and unsure what's going on I literally just want to cry with pain.. cause the pain is having a knock on effect. dizzy.. tired .. etc

Not seeing gyne consultant till March to discuss results from Hysterosalpingography.

I've probably missed loads of info off. But I literally praying for a period in hope I get relief but at same time praying am pregnant but scared why am I in this much pain.

Anyone else been in this position with same horrible conditions or have anything that good suggest to help...??

Am resting best i can. Eating healthy as can. Baths, hot water bottle, pain medication maxed out,. Even did meditation yoga the other day. Am just getting worse.

Literally wishing this week over and hoping next week is a easier one. Whatever the outcome. Xxx

Hope everyone is ok and thank you for ready my post if you got this far. Lol

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