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Cramping at 6 weeks pregnant


Hi Ladies


Yesterday I felt quite low after the scan and realising one of my twins was not seen on the scan. My partner was sad too, but he is a strong and supporting man, and encouraged me to get better. I alsi felt bad about the potential of not going to the US this weekend, which was planned all year (that was the least of my worries).

I watched netflix to try to feel better.

I could not sleep well at night- last night, I had extreme cramp- throughout my pregnancy I have not felt cramp to this degree. I am a bit worried about the cramp. I was initially told cramp is normal at this stage of pregnancy and usually women feel it more at nights. Furthermore, the cramp is not accompanied with any bleeding. Some say the cramp is a sign of the womb enlarging to accomodate the growing size of the baby- is this true?

This morning the cramp has subsided- it is just slight.

I know I should not worry. But I want things to go well. The possibility that I could have lost one of my twins prior to the scan without knowing scares me- as it showed no sign and I did not even bleed!

Any information on cramps will help. Should I be worried about the cramp.

Thanks all for your support.

Much love


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I understand your worries and have been having the same ones. I have my 8 week scan Friday and have had cramps on and off from day one. Got myself all upset and worried but have been reassured that it's just lots of stretching and growing. My mum said that if there is no blood then not to worry. My best friend said she felt like af was coming most of her pregnancy and she has a beautiful girl now. So try not to worry. Easier said than done though xx

Thank you so much- this is a major relief. I have been quite emotional and worried. I like to feel strong but it feels like the hormones is making me more sensitive than usual. Good luck with your pregnancy xxx

If you Google round ligament pain this is what I got its kind of at the front and down I the groin area. I had that all the way through 2ww till about 10 weeks and still get it. Felt a bit like period cramps which was scary as kept thinking af was on its way.

Thanks Emma, I will google it xx

Hopefully it is that. They say the hormones make the ligaments relax (Also can make you constipated). The front ones are carrying the uterus which is growing and that's the cramping feeling.

I also got stabbing pains after sneezing that brought me to my knees.

I went with no blood, alls good.

I don't want to go to the doctors about the pain as I don't want to feel like I am a burden on them- lol. I will just endure, hopefully it passes with no harm on the pregnancy.

Good luck with your pregnancy journey.


You can take paracetomol pregnant and see if that helps. Walking or a hot water bottle might ease it?

Hope it gets better x

Each women has her own symptoms.

Some times there are no at all.

If you wish to go to the US try to book a scan on the next week (if it possible).

Even in case of doing it in another clinic.

So you`ll know the situation and only then decide (or ask) what would be better to do.

P.S.: ask your doc about cramp. I suppose he saw you yesterday on scan so he have a relevant info on you. It would be the best decision.

Thanks so much. I will speak to my doctor xx

Cramps twinges and pulling feeling in the early stages are all part of the process. As long as there is no blood just carry on as normal it isn't painful. If you read up on what your body is doing inside it will make sense why you get those feelings and hopefully you should be able to relax. Enjoy your trip away together

Thank you so so much xxx

I know it's scary xx

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