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IVF Oestrogen levels

Hi there, looking for some help.

Got my first injection for IVF today (Wednesday)

I have recently finished a 5 day course of Norethisterone to bring on a period as I had been overdue by quite a bit (unusual). My period started on Monday.

Came away feeling happy as the process was finally underway.

Received a call from the hospital to say the oestrogen levels from my blood tests today are too high (1700) therefore, I cannot continue with the medication & I need to wait another 4 weeks to see if I have a period, in the hope my Oestrogen levels will drop.

Feeling frustrated as it seems to be one thing after another & want to get started with the process.

My Oestrogen levels at the start of Dec were around 250-300, end of Dec they were around 400 do now to have jumped to 1700 after a bleed, I do not really understand? The nurse did say it looked like I had a small cyst in my scan which would probably just come away with my period, could this be causing the high level?

What happens if my levels do not come down to a suitable level? Is there anything I can do?

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