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Interested but unsure whether to attend local fertility group run by fertility network

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Hi all

Just seeking some advice about the fertility network led support groups that are available.

I'm keen to get some face to face support but unsure whether to go along.

I know each area will have a uniquely diverse range of people attending but can anyone give me some personal insight into why you attend and what stage your at?

I'm just keen not to upset anyone as we have been TTC for around 2 years when so many people have been on this path for so much longer. Also I'm 26 years old - do you have a mixture of ages attend your local support group? I'm awaiting a potential laparoscopy and then we will be onto IVF. Previously had a million tests and all come back normal so wondering if it's ok to go along on that basis?

Any info or advice greatly appreciated xxx

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Your anxiety and mental stability is as valid as anyone else's. Doesn't matter that you're younger than the average person going through fertility issues - the fact is you are... you have been trying for 2 years so I guess that's at least 1 year of worrying?

I've not attended group sessions myself (I guess this forum does that for me :) ) but I did have counselling provided by the nhs. I was younger than average when I went through ivf but it didn't make my grief when it failed any less painful or any less valid!

You may well find most people are older than you. Maybe that they've been trying for a few more years. Maybe they have had a few losses. I doubt anyone would begrudge you hurting for something you also desperately wish for!

Go to the group if you feel you need the support I say!

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Faith27 in reply to Kempton

Thank you Kempton, your words are very reassuring and appreciated. It's definitely been a year of hope followed by a year of worries which have been difficult. As a naturally positive person, this whole process sometimes takes it out of you! I find this community an amazing way of getting support so I'm curious to see what I think of fave to face support - I guess I'll never know if I don't attend so the end of the month it is :) I'm going to give it a go! Thanks xx

Thank you for posting this faith. I wasn’t aware of the groups but would certainly encourage you to go along. Ttc is difficult, and certainly takes an emotionl toll. I’m seeing an nhs counsellor week after next, but have just seen that they offer a group near me once a month. I can’t go this month as I’m currently sick but will definitely go to the next one. Are you aware of any need to sign up/register/pay?

Again, I really appreciate you posting this. Best of luck to you and I hope you get the support you need. Xx

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Faith27 in reply to Apples2665

Hi Apple's, no problem. I'm glad that it's been of use to you! I'm also going to pluck up the courage and go along to the next one scheduled (it's at the end of the month!). As far as I'm aware they are free of charge and you can just turn up - atleast that's what I'll be doing! It's good to see you're getting support from a counsellor- perhaps this will be another useful support resource for you because you sometimes can't beat talking to those in a similar situation can you?! Thanks for commenting xx

I would definitely go. I went to the support group at my old clinic and made friends for life and we are all there for each other. Xx

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Faith27 in reply to Orla9298

That's so lovely to hear Orla. These comments have definitely convinced me to go along and see - thank you xx

Hi Faith. Well, working for the charity, I must say that the ladies I know that run the groups are really nice and caring, so I could recommend any of them. I used to run one myself a few years back and still keep in touch with most of the members. Have a go, it can't hurt. Diane

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Faith27 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane, I've been in contact a little bit with one of the ladies that arrange the group and she has been so lovely. I'm sure it's a lovely supportive place and I'll pluck up the courage to go along this month I promise. Thanks for commenting xx

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Orla9298 in reply to Faith27

Sometimes it helps if you have been allocated someone to say hello to... I was scared to go and a girl in the support group said she would save me a seat, and there she was! Friend for life now too. Maybe the lady that organises it can introduce you to someone or look out for you herself and introduce you to a few people when you arrive x

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Faith27 in reply to Orla9298

That's a very good suggestion! Thank you, I'll bear that in mind to ask xxx

Hope you find some good support. Diane

I've been to a support group and found it very helpful. Although everyone's position maybe different and at different stages in treatment there is a common aim which everyone who goes through this understands and appreciates. If there is a local group to you I would give it a try and if it's not for you there is no pressure to attend again xx

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Faith27 in reply to HollieW

Thank you for your comment - that's very true, we are all in seperate boats but hopefully heading to the same place! Thanks for your message of support xxx

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