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IUI cycle 2

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Waiting on my period to arrive (Due Monday) so we can get underway with our second IUI cycle.

Picking up the FSH injections and pessaries made me super nervous even though it’s the second time round but also super excited that we have another shot. What makes me feel so much more at ease this time round is that my OH will be home and not in hospital for this part of our journey, this time we get to do it together!

Everything is set to go, we’ve got the injections and trigger shot and the donor sperm is being held just waiting for my period to arrive and crossing fingers and toes that all goes smoothly!

6 Replies

Wishing you good luck hope it’s successful ❤️xoxo

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Thank you xx

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Wishing u all the very best, its exciting starting! I hope it goes smoothly xxx

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Thank you xx

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Good luck! 👍😀

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Thank you

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