2nd cycle good to go- Stims will start April 1st!!

Hi All

So Im just back from my nurse consultation & we are good to go for round 2. Im waiting for Aunty Flo to arrive for this month then I will start my stim drugs on April fools day of all days ha ha same protocol as last time- short & having ivf with Icsi again. They are slightly upping my Stims from 150-225 merional and instead of prontogest injections I will be having cyclogest pessories this time instead. We have chosen to have embryo glue and time lapse this time too- thought we may aswell through everything at it! Keeping everything crossed fingers and toes x

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  • Will be quite close I'm starting my drugs on 29/3 but I'm on long protocol , good luck xx

  • Aww fab! I hope all goes really well for you too, nurse said my egg collection will be close to 14th April, I have a wedding dress fitting on 15th April so I hope it's not that day ha ha x

  • Fingers crossed ha ha, think my egg collection will be around 23-25th April looking at the chart I've got but could change , πŸ€πŸ€lots of luck x

  • It's so changeable isnt it! Yeah let's hope so otherwise God knows what kind of wedding dress I'll end up with under the influence of sedation ha ha x

  • Ooooooh! Nyko, we're cycle twins! I'm on the long protocol and starting drugs on 29/3 too! It's my first cycle so I'm rather apprehensive about it all.

  • Good luck Hun.

    May sound thick asking but what's embryo glue?


  • Thank you, it's a new glue they use when they do your egg transfer its quite a new thing but trials have looked promising at my clinic that it may be helpful, it's like a protein element they put the embryo in and it's supposed to help with implantation xx

  • O that's sounds good 😊 where abouts are you based if you don't mine me asking, I'm from Kent, x

  • Im based in Yorkshire & my clinic is in Leeds, they've only offered it for a few months now she said so I wonder if it's being rolled out in all clinics or a clinic chooses to use it or not x

  • Cycle buddies and... region buddies.... and clinic buddies I think! My clinic is in Leeds too! x

  • Aww fab!! Yep I have prof balen helping Us out with our journey xx

  • Fab. Give me a follow and we can stay in touch via message. Then I'm also not stealing your conversation with Leesalou! Sorry! x

  • My auntie lives in Leeds, I see, say I've never heard of it so thought I'd ask, sounds good hopefully it catch on with clinics all over xx

  • I start 6th April. Shout out to the April crew! x

  • Yay!! Buddies for cycle x

  • Yipeeee! x

  • Hi Laura hope all goes well, fingers crossed for you both πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€ xx

  • Thank you, hoping its second time lucky for us xx

  • All the best for next month... not long to wait xx

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