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Round 2 in Feb...Who's with me?!


After letting our hair down well and truly over the Christmas period (and December in general!!) taking our acupuncturists advice, Hubby and I have decided to postpone our next ICSI round until next in about 4/5 weeks time! We will use Jan to detox and cut out everything bad just to give us a bit of a health boost before we start again!

Is there anyone else doing IVF/ICSI in Feb?

PS. wishing everyone a very happy new year! lets hope it is a positive one in many ways! xxx

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I’m doing FET in February so we might be 2WW buddies 😊 Happy new year and best wishes xx

in reply to Kari55

Oh great! Good luck! Let me know how you get on xx

Hi, I hope to be starting FET in February after letting my hair down over the holidays 😀 All the best with this cycle xx

in reply to MrsE29

Wonderful! Good luck!xx

I will be having my 2nd round of ICSI too around the same time 😊

However a slight change in medication this time to improve the egg quality. Seeing clinic on Monday but all being well should be near end of Jan.

in reply to wilbie

Oh great! Yeah my medication strength will be upped slightly at the beginning this time! Best of luck!xx

Good luck with your cycle I’m due to start an FET with next period which should be beginning of February xx

in reply to Core

Oh perfect! Good luck!xx

Hi there, i’ll be starting my FET shortly with transfer hopefully mid February 🤞 💕 xx

in reply to Lou7744

Oh great! Will be around the same stage then! 🤞🏼xx

Hi! If nothing else goes wrong, I’ll start medications with the start of next period, end of January!

Best of luck for your FET! And happy new year! Xxx

Oh well fingers crossed for you! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼xx

And for you! 🤞🤞🤞xxx

Yep me too (if OHs next round of tests come back better). Fingers crossed we can have a crack at ICSI in late Feb. Best of luck to all of us xx

Oh everything crossed for you! Good luck xxx

Yes me! Starting second cycle mid-Feb. Really hoping I get at least one blastocyst this time! 🤔🤗

in reply to Anna_88

aww lets hope so!!! everything crossed for you!xx

I’m not having any treatment but wanted to wish you good luck with your cycle. I think it’s wise to put it back a month whilst you detox, giving it the best chance ✨ Glad you had a good Christmas, good for you! xoxo

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Thanks Jess! I hope all is going well with you and I hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

Glad to hear that you were able to let your hair down and enjoy the festivities! Wishing you luck for you next cycle!xx

Thank you! I hope you had a nice Christmas and were able to relax xx

Hi, we're dong our FET in February. How's your January detox going? we did the same and enjoyed the Christmas celebrations ;-) We're undiagnosed, TTC for 3 years, IVF last June/June which didn't work sadly, we have some embies in the freezer ready and waiting to become our family hopefully! x

Sorry to hear your last IVF didn’t work for you, but it’s great you have some in the freezer!! Good luck to you! January detox is going really well thanks! Not one drop of alcohol for both of us, eating much better and doing more exercise so I feel so so much better now than compared to December that’s for sure!!xx

Same here, no booze, lots of veggies and eating well, drinking lots of water, no caffeine. etc etc. All the fun stuff gone basically! haha will be completely worth it once we get our baby :-)

Good luck xxx

Hi silverlini I start my 3rd round this Sunday gone...for now spray then 19 feb appointment and 21 start Gonal f injections. X

Great! Good luck!!xx

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