I'm due to start in February! Who's with me?

Hello ladies! Finally we've got news about when we should do our next steps...and we can start planning our trip. well, the first appointment must be on Feb 2 and i already nervous like hell. I was excited and felt high at first but now all the thoughts are like 'what if it fails' etc. maybe having cycle buddies it would be easier...who is in the same boat?

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  • i'll be somewhere around those dates too - will find out for sure tomorrow.

    i am absolutely terrified - hopefully we can keep each other sane!

  • oh, it's so nice..inform me of the exact date then.

    sanity is just what I need more than anything now. you know, it's a bit easier to know i'm not the one terrified. thank you noodles!

  • How exciting!! I am somewhat behind you as my hubby and I have only just started the re-testing that the clinic require prior to DE IVF. (We had a lot of investigative work done 18 months ago with NHS, but this is now quite outdated.) We will be done with this process end Jan and then we get our first consultation. Unfortunately I am going abroad to see family beg. February, so it may only be middle/end Feb before we get to process the full story.

    Where are you going if you don't mind my asking? We are with a clinic in Brno and have been very impressed so far with them.

    I, like you, have so many worries about managing work, the medication, the emotional rollercoaster of emotions etc. I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. I would love to hear how you get on and am hoping that it will be a positive (and BFP!) experience x

    PS Precious kitty paws on your profile page...love it!

  • I'm happy to hear you still fighting! I understand your concerns about being abroad, I can only rely on foreign medicine and nothing about nhs of course. anyways, you're following my journey step by step haha.

    My choice may be surprising but it's Ukraine now. I chose it because wanted to start surrogacy but I was reassured and decided to have one more attempt and I found a service like 'from de ivf to surrogacy' there and it can save my money in case of failed ivf...I heard a lot about Czech clinics actually but I'm a bit concerned now. did you hear the las news? in one of the clinics there doctors transferred wrong embryos and i don't know how they are going to solve the problem. Hope it happend not in your clinic.

    I appreciate your kind and suportive words, it's very nice of you! Wishing you only the best! x

    PS. I'm crazy about them too, no one can stay sad when looking at those furry paws

  • Yikes! Had not heard about that story, but will see if I can look it up on the net. Our clinic has an extremely high client satisfaction rating and high live birth rate, so we are hoping for the best, but I suppose one never really knows.

    Look forward to reading about your experiences...I find it very comforting, educational and interesting to hear from all the brilliant ladies on here.

    The countdown's on now!!

  • here it is! mirror.co.uk/news/world-new...

    well, it's a human nature to spoil something.

    if clients are satisfied it's great! what about their services, do you need to make many additional fees? I mean those for med examinations, meds or something?

  • Hi, thanks for sending! Sobering stuff. No, thankfully not our clinic (sigh of relief there!)

    The reason we chose them was because everything was totally transparent. Every drug or test was costed and they also do packages, where the entire treatment (bar unforeseen complications) is one set fee. At the moment, we are hoping to do one fresh egg transfer, but could potentially go back for an FET at a later stage, if we are unsuccessful.

    You must be so excited! I can't quite get there yet...still too soon, but hopefully by end Feb I will know when my journey starts πŸ˜‰

  • That's good! My previous experience was not that 'transparent' and everytime during my tx I faced the issue of additional payments and it was annoying actually, extra blood test, us -pay, pay, pay. Maybe because of this I chose this clinic, they have everything included (meds, tests, food, hotel,driver, interpreter)

    I am but more scared however :-)

  • I can understand how disheartening that would be...you become more of a walking cheque book and less of a patient!

    I wish you a completely different and very happy process this time around. Fingers crossed x

  • You're totally right! I felt like an old man with young woman who needs only money haha

    Thank you!! You're very sweet and I wish you all the best with your own treatment!

    Love Petra x

  • Hi!! I'm new to this too only been a member for just over a week, I start my first round of IVF end of this month, I'm having the scratch on Wednesday 18th and start my first lot of injections 19th. Like u I was super excited but now I'm nervous scared everything!! I have found comfort in having spoken to lots of lovely people on here!! I find it really helps!!

    Good luck with your cycle and keep us posted!!!

  • Welcome Diamonddream!!

    it's only a week left, can't imagine how you feel honey..hope we will be able to manage this scaring ivf thing. if it helps you then you need to share more details with us, i dunno, when i'm trying to think about someone's problems i kind of forget my own ones...

    fingers crossed for you x

  • Yep week to go!! I'm petrified if I'm honest!! I really hope we can manage it too! ayes I will try to share more details Aswell. I know what u mean tho with regards to someone else's problems you forget your own! I seem to be doing that a lot with a couple of friends, going through different problems themselves and I just try to help them and want to talk about there problems rather than my own!

    Be lovely to be cycle buddies and help each other along!!

    The countdown is on!!

    Good luck with ur cycle too! X

  • Hi Petricker,

    i got my letter on friday past and have been given my first appointment on feb 13th! id love to be your cycle buddy lol- im terrified!!!! xxx

  • great! it's just in a month...so soon and so long to wait at the same time. it's your initial consultation or an appointment before ET?

  • It's my initial consultation! I've had lots of tests done and now I'm at the very very start of the IVF stage! Which stage are you at, sorry I'm not familiar with these abbreviations and terms, I'm a total Newbe lol x

  • Hi guys, I too have an appointment on Feb 13th. Joined this forum to find out a little bit more about what to expect. Scared and excited at the same time!! X

  • Hi cycle buddy! well it's less than a month left...i read billions of articles and reviews but don't know what to expect though, i mean how to prepare myself and to be ready to accept whatever happens. I guess i'm more scared now and anxious than excited.

  • Oh i get it..wish you smooth and fast start. I was in the same boat more than month ago and now waiting for embryo transfer. a week here or any other fertility community and you'll know for what which letter stands

  • Hello ladies, this is my first time doing ivf with my own eggs and hubbys sperm. I'm in contact with the clinic that's been in the need lately about the two women getting the wrong embryo implanted. This was my worst fear. But a few ladies I have spoken about this on another site. They have put my mind at ease as they said once they found out it was done the person's who was responsible was suspended. And I think now they will be more vigilant in what they are doing. I'm just going through getting all the blood test they require the only one my GP can't do is the AMH test. So I'm looking to find where I can get that done. I'm hoping to go over to Czech in March if all goes to plan. Good luck with your journeys. Xxx

  • Hi Tracey! I can imagine how do you feel now..first attempt, lots of hope and nerves. i heard about that wrong ET in Reprofit and it's awful. people always mistaken but when it comes to ivf or other subtle things i'd like to believe everythin is clear and made right...i understand that someone's responsible but what should those women do? abortion? it's not what we all expect from ivf, right? Czech in general is a nice choice according to what i've heard. when i was looking for a clinic for my de ivf i thought to contact few of theirs. thank you! wish you also all the best x

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