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Varicocele help!!? Need some advice

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Hi ladies,

Hoping someone has some advice for us!

My husband has a varicocele (hope spelling is correct) we had his first appt today, and we didn’t really get anything from it! The consultant has told him he wants to see him in 6 months, ordered a kidney ultrasound as he said it could have a connection? so now we’re worried he has something wrong with his kidney, he also advised not to have surgery at this time, as he said the risks are high, also warned my husband he could loose his testicle so now he’s very worried about surgery in the future, does anyone have any advice what we should do now? Is there anything we can do at home to help? What should we be asking?? Xx

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My husband had a varicocele embolisation two months ago now and the op was very simple. He was in and out within 5/6 hours. We don’t know whether it’s helped improve his sperm count yet but we thought it couldn’t make it any worse than it already is. Apparently blood flows from the testicles to the kidney so that’s why they’ll need to scan the kidney, to check the blood flow to it. My husband had this done on both occasions he had a scan. Have they said why he might have to have a testicle removed in the future as that seems really extreme?

We literally had no support with a varicocele diagnosis and everyone just seems to brush it under the carpet. The mad thing is it can cause up to 80% of infertility problems in men so I’d definitely push for the op x

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ChloeL934 in reply to Snez84

Thank you so much for replying!! I’ve read things about the op, and like you said seem quite simple... I don’t know why it was mentioned? But he’s got to have a scan for his kidneys, the whole thing seemed pretty rushed and like you said no support; we had to literally fight for the appointment. My husband was referred over 6 months ago and only today he had his first appointment and again now we’ve got to wait another 6 months before anything else.

It does seem very extreme doesn’t it to tell him that? They said with the risks of surgery..: but again think it’s a bit extreme to tell him this on his first appointment.

Thank you again for your reply, it means a lot and my husband will appreciate this. God bless you x

Hi Chloe. A varicocele is basically a bunch of veins that get a bit tangled up and causes swelling and heat in the testicles leading to problems with sperm production. These veins can originate higher up and can involve kidney veins, hence checking out renal function. This is rarely found, but his specialist is right to check - my thoughts of course. Some decide to tie some of them off or cauterise some. Obviously, I wish you both well with whatever d visions are made. Diane

I’ve found the advice re varicoceles very contradictory. My husband has recently been told he has one but the urologist wasn’t convinced it was the cause of his poor test results and said it was up to us whether to get it treated or not. No surprises for guessing who wants it treated and who is happy for it to remain there!

Overall I think male issues are definitely ignored in the investigation process and can really delay the whole treatment process (or misdirect it!). So I’m none the wiser either I’m afraid. I hope whatever you and your husband decide it goes well xx

This sounds so like my situation at the moment. Thank you - hopefully we will get there. Good luck xx

In terms of what to do in the meantime trying to reduce the temperature in other ways is something we’re trying. Loose cotton boxers, not sitting down for too long, no phone in front pocket. Loads of freakin’ supplements too. Can’t convince him to get rid of the laptop gaming though. But hey can’t win em all.

Do you have any recommendations on supplements?

We were advised ages ago for OH to take Fertilix, think it’s an antioxidant supplement. It’s expensive and smells/tastes horrendous! Also told to give up alcohol completely. Recently the urologist also advised to add vitamin c and d, zinc and general multivit. And a healthy diet. No definitive word on any success as yet, will know by end of Jan when we retest.

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