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Beginning to fret!

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So as expected the wait to the scan is now really beginning to get to me and I’m constantly worrying if it’s in the right place, if it’s a viable pregnancy, will there be a heartbeat etc. I’m about 5wks today and I think other than the fact I have slightly sore boobs and no other symptoms it’s worrying me more. I’d love to start with morning sickness just so I knew it was all progressing. I will be 7wk 4 days by the time of my scan but don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out that long.

How far gone was everyone when they had their first scans? Or upcoming scans? I have seen a heartbeat at 6wk3 days on my last pregnancy and although I’ve started out pretty calm with this cycle this wait is beginning to get to me!

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All sounds very normal.... please try not to stress ( easier said than done I know) but if I’m correct, I think my wife had her second scan at week 12. This was through NHS, you can get one done privately if you want though. Everyone is different just remember that, some will have “harsh “

Morning sickness, others not so much. Hope all continues to go well

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baby2016 in reply to sanj76

Thank you sanji x

My full term pregnancies I didn’t much pregnancy symptoms only slight sore boobs nothing else. Just felt the same I had super easy pregnancies. Don’t get a scan too early it’ll just leave you more anxious.

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baby2016 in reply to gcw104

Thank you gcw104, it’s all such a mind field isn’t it!! I hope you are ok considering what you have been going through. Sending a huge hug xx

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gcw104 in reply to baby2016

It is such a worry but 2 weeks isn’t long before your scan. I’m ok just a bit bored my partners been to work most of the time kids don’t want to do anything much. Just got a few more days until we know either way. 😕

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baby2016 in reply to gcw104

I hope you get answers in a few days, must be hard having that on your mind x

I was 8 weeks when I had my first scan and had exactly the same anxieties as you because I felt so normal. I'm due to give birth any day now still feel normal! I suppose I've been really lucky, but at the height of my anxiety I just wanted to feel what everyone else seemed to feel. You are still really early don't forget and your symptoms might not kick in until 7/8 weeks. I can't tell you to stop worrying, because it's not that easy, but not everyone gets horrendous symptoms. Xx

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Thanks JoJo, your response has helped calm me 😊xx

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Ahhh good. When I turned up for the scan I told the nurse I was really nervous because I didn't have any symptoms, but she was very reassuring. You will always worry about the scans though, it's normal. Xx

I have my first scan on the 7th and I’ll be 7 weeks 2 days!!!

I’m already worried that something will go wrong or there will be no heartbeat! I’m guessing these are all normal worries so we’re trying to stay as positive as we can!!!


Aw thanks Lisa, and good look for the 7th! It’s so much harder to handle than the 2ww isn’t it! As I feel if you test early you can cheat the 2ww, but no way round cheating this wait! Xx

Thank you!! It is so hard and no there’s no getting out of this one! Hopefully this week will fly by 🤞🤞 xxx

It's easy to just keep worrying we do the same, have had cramping nearly everyday we had 2 blastys transferred so hoping it's all ok too. I'm sure ur be fine x

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baby2016 in reply to kellyoke1

Hi Kellyoke. You must have your scan similar time to me? Xx

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kellyoke1 in reply to baby2016

Yeah ours is the 15th Jan

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baby2016 in reply to kellyoke1

Mines the 16th!x

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Hi baby2016. So sorry to hear you are fretting so. In my experience, I always preferred to do 7/40wks scans for clearer view of your tiny little one. Just hang on and try and keep busy. Morning sickness, if you have it, isn’t scheduled for a couple of weeks for most, so nothing much to expect right now. All sounds perfectly normal to me. Hope all continues to go well. Diane

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baby2016 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks so much for this response Diana. It has made me feel so much better and made me feel ok about the wait till my date! Xx

Hi baby2016, I think it’s pretty normal to feel as you do and especially with first baby when you just don’t know how your body will react along pregnancy symptoms wise! Just try to stay calm and as Diane said keep yourself busy as much you can.

I can only speak from my own experiences. With my son my sickness and nausea didn’t start until I was after 6wks along and even then they have been on and off, no breast tenderness but only occasional cramps. This time I only have tender breasts which stared for me from around OTD, have again occasional cramps lower back pain and my nausea (pregnancy related I think)started again only when I turned 6wks!

You still early for all this, maybe you will be lucky not to get this at all which happens really☺️

Fx at your scan day! As long there is no bleeding, but even then for some it’s very common and normal, if you don’t have severe pain you should be fine and it’s good sign! All the best hun xxx

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baby2016 in reply to Anya80

Thanks Anya for this response. It has helped me a lot xx

I think I was nearly 7 weeks and I didn't have any symptoms at all until the scan so don't worry my dear. I know that's easier said than done. Can you organise lots of things to do to keep your mind busy? Xxx

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baby2016 in reply to KittyK

Aw thanks kitty 😊 I’ve got lots to keep me busy, and back at work next week so I know that will also help. It’s really helped just getting everyone’s opinion on here as it’s stopped me going crazy! Haha! Xx

My first bfp was 6+3, the second was 6+6 and this one will be 7+5! I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough! I still have 5 days to go! Hang in there xx

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baby2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

Aw thanks Vick, I was thinking about you earlier as I remember you putting a similar post. Not long for you now. Hope your feeling ok and sending lots of luck xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to baby2016

I’m doing ok I think but it is mental torture. 5 days still seems a long way off but then again, I’m dreading it too, just in case xx

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baby2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes your way xx

Gosh I feel I could have written this post. I’m 5 weeks +1 today and I will be 7 weeks +5 when I have my scan too. I am constantly checking my boobs to make sure they are still sore. I’ve had an upset tummy and some small waves of nausea but nothing that would constitute morning sickness.

The wait seems to be forever. I wish I could have my HCG done, maybe that would give me some piece of mind.

Are you booking any private scans at all? Everyone has been saying to me not to worry but it’s so hard so I won’t even bother saying it to you. Just take it one day at a time.

Fingers crossed everything will be good and healthy and I guess that’s all we can do is hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️❤️ xx

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chickp in reply to Em2405

It sounds like our dates are about the same. I think I’m 5+1 but I’m too scared to do one of the online calculators 🤣 I thought about asking for a blood test but I’m not sure if I really want to know 🙈

When is your scan? Ours is the 14th.


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Em2405 in reply to chickp

My scan is the 16th, I’m so anxious. I wish they would do bloods as standard as at least we would know about the hcg doubling. Feels wrong to get bad news at the scan. Let’s cross everything and keep holding our breath for good news and hope symptoms come in with a vengeance!! I’m wishing for a bit of morning sickness!! Did you have IVF? Xxx

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chickp in reply to Em2405

It was our 3rd iui that was successful. We did 5 but only 3 made it to the iui procedure. It was the usual story as we had just started the ivf referral process! I know what you mean about the blood test. I literally can’t think about anything else and I’m getting really fed up. X

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baby2016 in reply to Em2405

Mine scan is the 16th too! I did have my icy earlier at days 8 & 10 but tbh they only did them because of my past history, of which with mmc my hcg levels were still going up anyway, so would not have indicated anything. It's so hard this wait, and I dread scans as mine never seem to be the news I want, but I do feel more positive this time, fingers crossed for us all xx

I have my 7 week scan on the 14th and I’m soooo anxious ☹️ It’s my first pregnancy after 4 years of trying and my anxiety has got really bad this year - I knew I would worry but it’s really bad! I have had loads of weird aches and pains which I hope are down to my endo but can’t help but worry. The only symptom I have other than sore boobs is tiredness.

Good luck xx

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baby2016 in reply to chickp

Wow there's lots of us with similar scan dates! Mine is the 16th, I've had a bit of tiredness too, fingers crossed for us all xx

Oh my goodness I came on to post the same thing. I’m so so anxious this time around and we have our scan on the 3rd Jan I will be 7 weeks 3 days I think. That’s later by a week ish than last time. I’m scared to test anymore as I frightened it will be negative and apart from a bit of gagging when I clean my teeth I have no other symptoms. I think probably my Christmas has meant our scans are pushed back a little maybe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of us when we get to our scans. It’s def far far worse than the 2ww.

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baby2016 in reply to Emma04

Thanks Emma, not long till your scan 😁 as Diane has said further up 7week plus is a better time to scan 👍 its amazing how many of us are at the same point! Fingers tightly crossed for 3rd xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Emma04

Hi Emma. My scan is on the third too. Just want to wish you luck xx

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Emma04 in reply to Tugsgirl

Hey Tugsgirl, how are you doing? Hope all is going well. Wishing you lots and lots of luck for the 3rd too xxxx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Emma04

I feel like all is going well but having been here before I know that it can all go wrong so I’m still pretty anxious and getting more and more worried the closer I get to the scan xx

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Emma04 in reply to Tugsgirl


My first scan was 6 weeks 6 days - then we went for a private scan at 8 wks 6 days. Don’t be tempted to go early - you need to make sure you’re at the time when there will be a heartbeat. We saw it at our first scan and it was amazing! I’m 12wks on 3rd Jan and freaking about that, but also so hopeful that it’ll still be there. I had cramping throughout the 2ww and was ravenously hungry. Nausea waves I think were around 5-6wks and sore breasts. Now I feel normal, just tired, but my thinking is that unless you have pain or bleeding, you have to assume things are ok. Good luck! I know how stressful it is - this was our first BFP after 5 attempts and 12 years of TTC. Kx

Thanks Karen, i was definitely hungry during the 2ww, i was up making bacon butties at 7am most mornings! Haha!

Glad your pregnancy is going well, my anxiety is high as this is my 8th pregnancy but non have ever made it past 8weeks even after seeing heartbeats at 6wks, is such a tough journey isn't it xx

I have my scan on the 8th and I will be 6weeks 6days 😀 I’m nervous and keep thinking something will be wrong.

But at the same time my boobs are killing me, feel tired all the time too. So these must be good signs 😀

Hold out for your scan. I wish you all the best for your scan xxx

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baby2016 in reply to Babyblues1

Thank you babyblues! Sending lots of luck for your scan too xx

I feel exactly the same - have my scan in 4 days time and paranoid something is wrong - I will be 6+ 5 but these last couple of weeks have been sooo slow! I have slightly sore boobs and that’s it, apart from cramping, I am convinced it’s going to be bad news... it’s all so hard. Keep going and good luck lovely xx

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baby2016 in reply to Daisy1245

Aww thanks Daisy, not long at all till your scan, keeping everything crossed for you xx

Unfortunately this is really normal, especially when you’ve experienced a loss/es. Goodness the early weeks are so tough going. A time machine would help!!! 🤣

I took the day at a time approach through the early weeks “ today I am pregnant tomorrow I might not be but today I am so I’ll be happy I am.” This worked really well for me until I had spotting.

The scans showed all well but didn’t stop me worrying when it kept happening. I haven’t had it since 14 weeks & have been able to enjoy the pregnancy a bit more.❤️

Scans & hearing the baby’s heartbeat really help. I think we will always worry until they are safely with us, but it does get better. ❤️

Perhaps your clinic or GP could measure your HCG levels via blood test just to give you peace of mind until your scan. ❤️

Early weeks are really tough, but you will get through them ❤️ No point in worrying yourself over something that hasn’t happened yet or may never happen ❤️I’m not one to talk but wish I’d embraced my early weeks instead of constantly worrying.🤦🏽‍♀️ This is a such a special time for you ❤️

Wishing you the best with your pregnancy & that this is your rainbow baby 🌈

Please keep us updated ❤️ xoxo

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P.s I never had any morning sickness with my son or this pregnancy. The only symptoms I had was sore boobs & extreme tiredness from 5 weeks to 15 weeks.

My mother in law had no symptoms throughout 3 pregnancies & had 3 healthy sons.

Every woman’s pregnancy will be unique to her. xoxo

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Thank you so much for these responses Jess, they have really helped me. Like you say a time machine or even sedation for a few weeks would be good! I'll try and think like you say, one day at a time! Thanks again xxx

I only really had slight sore boobs until week 6ish. Started to feel a little sick at nights. One night I felt great then the next day the sickness and nausea hit me like I've never felt in my life. You just have to give it time or if ur lucky u wont get sick! The only thing to say it's not set in the wrong place is extreme pain around your tube areas and at one side constantly. I'm the same as you my scan is on the 11th and I think I'm more insane than my 2ww. I've learnt I just need to stay positive as I was really getting myself down thinking the worst and it's not good for you. X

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baby2016 in reply to jenna-mcf

Thanks Jenna, i'm normally such a positive person, but know its because of my previous losses/history that is making me feel anxious.

Good luck for your scan and def keep up that positivity! Xx

Try not to worry I had no symptoms at all, I started with morning sickness about 7/8 weeks. I did have an early scan at 6 weeks but they did warn me I might not see anything as it was so early xx

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Thanks so much button 😊 that makes me feel better. Hope you had an amazing xmas xx

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