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High platelet count following mod-severe OHSS



I’m still in my 2ww (beta hCG booked for tomorrow) and still in follow up at the hospital for my OHSS. At my last bloods (Monday) the doctor mentioned that my platelet count was high and if it continues this way they may need to admit me again. All my other results are as expected for recovery from OHSS. I’ve googled it to death and can’t find any reason why they’d admit me for the platelets (544k v normal range of 500k). Does anyone have experience of this?

(Of course none of this bodes well for a positive test result as platelet counts usually DECREASE in early pregnancy but there’s only one way to find that out...)

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Firstly, I'm very sorry to hear about your OHSS. I suffered from that (still am to a small extent) but mine was considered 'mild' - I can't imagine what kind of hell you must be going through with yours. I don't know about platelet counts, my doctor never told me my results like that. One thing I do know, is that it is a bit of a mixed blessing to get a BFP with OHSS - as the pregnancy hormones makes it bad again. For example, at my 7 week scan, my ovaries were still swollen to x3 the size of my uterus (each), and I was told then to expect the situation to be similar at the 12 week scan. I'm at 10 weeks now and still feel some ovary-related cramps and soreness. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news there, but it is better to know than not to know. Good luck with your HCG test xx

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Thanks! Based on facts, I’m not very hopeful - my bloods had come back showing the OHSS is getting better so the dr told me not to hold out much hope for a positive result. I feel bloated and more achey than usual today but it could be anything - including my ovaries just rebelling from the trauma they’ve been through.

Good luck with your pregnancy, I read it improves after the first trimester :)


Hi Bluetop. Platelet count is a way of measuring the severity of OHSS and fluid loss. You may need a top up, but all will get sorted. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you for replying!

My bloating increased even more as the day went on and the aching continued and felt a lot like the OHSS pain, but much milder. However I saw a little fresh red blood on my knickers a while back ☹️ Guess that doesn’t bode well at all! I have been out walking (slowly) in London today so trying to stay positive and think it’s related to that and not my period arriving but I’m not convincing myself. Not long for the beta hCG to tell me one way or the other ☹️

Hi Diane

I’ve seen on other posts that you have a list of questions to ask at the follow up consultation. Can you please send these to me? Thank you.

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Hi Bluetop. Yes of course, but I need your email address. Would you email me at support@fertilityneworkuk.org and I will send them to you. My emails are confidential. Diane

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