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Very severe low sperm count

My husband amd I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now. He got a sperm analysis and it said 30 motile count sperm( not million just 30). He had Leukemia when he was 3 and had chemo. Also he has been smoking weed non stop for the last 4 years. The doctor does not know if it is the weed or the chemo. I think its the chemo. Has any men had cancer at young age and still able to get their wife pregnant naturally or IVF?

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Thank you for your reply. There is nothing wrong with me. We are thinking about IVF. We see a fertility doctor next month. If you don’t mind me asking was he smoking weed or jus cigs? Also was his count severely low too?


I would imagine they will do icsi ivf. My other half had poor sperm too xx


The smoking wont be helping things but there could be a link to the chemo and of course the only way to find out is to stop the weed and retest in 3 months time (it takes this long for any changes in lifestyles to show in sperm). My hubby has what is classed as a very low sperm count, less than 1 milltion sperm per ml and we were told it was unlikely we would fall pregnant naturally so it sounds like you may need treatment. However no clinics will do treatment with smoking or drugs!xx

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No experience re sperm and chemo. ICSI will probably be an option for you guys. It’s worth encouraging your other half to quit- you may not be eligible for NHS IVF with his smoking. It may also be affecting his count as well. It may be worth repeating after 3months if he is able to quit. How much weed does he smoke? What is he planning to do about his habit when you have kids? There is a form that you complete for IVF called the welfare of the child form which asks about drug and alcohol problems and it’s worth getting support for his cannabis use before you have to fill this in.

IVF is not an easy process and if you are able to avoid it by having a better semen sample then it is worth trying. Although it’s tough in this case due to his chemo in the past. Good luck!


My other half had low spent count. We did IVF with ICSI. 1st round and BFP. Currently 12weeks 3days. No1 is really sure what caused his low count though xx


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