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6 weeks pregnant - Very nauseous 🤢


Hello ladies,

I’m very blessed and grateful to be 6 weeks pregnant, but I’m really struggling to control the sickness. I’ve not vomited (touch wood) although I’ve just felt very sick after eating or drinking hot drinks. Don’t worry, I’m keeping the food down and eating well ;) any tips to keep the nausea at bay would be great! 👌🏽

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I feel a bit sick when I’m getting hungry. So I keep ginger biscuits with me. They seem to help settle it. xx

Congratulations, hun! Fabulous news, super happy for you. Yeah, nausea can be sickening! I've had luck with chamomile tea. Also, stay hydrated, that's really important. Good luck to you. I hope everything happens healthily!



I had a bit of nausea last week- esp with very fatty or creamy foods like bananas and yoghurts etc

Sometimes it's acid reflux/indigestion type of things that cause the nausea so have a look.at foods to eat and avoid.

I actually found sparkling water helped keep the bloating and indigestion at bay so didn't feel as nauseous

Definitely hydration is key as that can cause sickness

But otherwise ginger can help

In terms of vitamins vit b6 I believe is recommended to keep morning sickness at bay- many midwives recommend it but obviously check with your clinic first x


Hi lex. Oops! That’s not nice, but hopefully it won’t last too long. You could try a ginger biscuit or dry cream cracker before you get up in the morning. Keep nibbling if you can as it gives your stomach something to do. ? Not long to your scan, so that will comfort you. Diane

Try green apple with salt.did help me😊


Best of luck with your pregnancy!

Sorry to hear you are suffering! I think my nausea was also worst around weeks six and seven. What really helped me was drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon in it (hot or cold), much more palatable than plain water. I actually loved lemons so much I would even suck on them which also helped! I think the best advice I was given though was to just keep eating a little all the time. Nausea is way worse on an empty stomach. Eating foods that are high in protein helped me the most there, but that might be a bit unusual!! Best of luck, and Merry Christmas! Xx

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