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Lining issues

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I hope you are all well!

I was hoping for some advice. I have had 2 IVFs. 4 IUI and 1 further ivf this time last year. The last one was the only one that turned into a pregnancy and we miscarriages at 8 weeks, back in March this year. It broke my heart to finally get there and it to just be taken away like that. We started another cycle and we have 1 frozen embryo. But for some reason my lining is now not thickening. In the past I’ve never had a issue with my lining. It always gets to 9mm and over. Why won’t it thicken now? After 3 weeks it’s still only 7.7mm today.Any advice would be good xx

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There's actually been a few ladies recently with the same problem....wonder if winter & being cold has something to do with It?!

Anyhoo, your lining is by no means rubbish....what I would give to be 7.7mm!! So what I've tried so far is high strength vit E, hot baths, hot baths, hot water bottles on tummy, raspberry leaf tea, pomegranate juice, beetroot juice (acquired taste), gentle exercise, baby aspirin. I'm going to take L'arginine which is supposed to be good with Vit E next time too. Good luck!xx

Ps. I put. A post on about this a while back so feel free to have a nosey at my old posts.

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Cinderella has covered most of it but just a note on high strength vit E- do be careful as it is a fat soluble vitamins that can be taken in excess.

It can cause problems with unborn babies, ovaries and if you have iron deficinies and blood clotting issues it can thin the blood further (which is what we want it to do in this instance anyway!)

It has amazing antioxidant benefits so is Def worth getting but just be careful of very high doses.

If you do get vit E do get the natural form alpha tocopherol not "d-alpha" tocopherol which is synthetic

Aside from that I would ask the clinic to increase your oestrogen to build up lining and maybe start higher progesterone doses too.

Good luck

7.7mm is still really good so don't beat yourself up! I increased the Progynova this cycle and my lining thickened up much better. Good luck any way and fingers crossed for that BFP 🤞xx

I have nothing to add as Cinderella has it covered but I didn’t want to just read and run as I’ve had the same problem and it is so frustrating! 7.7mm is a good lining I would have loved to just get to 7!! Wishing u luck!! Xxx

Thank you all for your comments

Sorry to hear about your grief... hugs to you! Miscarriage is something very unbearable when you want a baby desperately. I have heard that sometimes over prolonged IVF one might get a thin lining but then as Cinerella said 7.7 isn't much less really. Often they do transfer at anything over 7.5mm as long as it's just one FET or they put you on estrogen over a couple of days more and do the transfer. Sometimes it's just like a bumpy cycle really... it's not a condition at all... and might even be normal the next cycle. The second person have listed down almost everything that can be done naturally to boost your lining. However, if you're not responding to Estrogen then there's a small chance that there's going to be any effect to all the supplements and stuff. But it's also best to have consulted your doctor before you take anything. Medications are less likely to interact with but then you never know it's all components you see that reacts physiologically or trigger physiological responses. Wish you Luck!

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Hi, I answered a post on this only recently, is there a way to 'search' key words or topics as it had loads of good advice. Same problem happened to me after a mc and if you're lining isnt getting to where it was pre mc then it's a sign something's wrong. I had a hysteroscopy which discovered scar tissue & adhesions from the mc preventing the lining thickening and subsequently thru endometrial biopsys discovered am infection again from the mc preventing lining thickening. I got my lining to 8.5, currently on 2ww. I would have normally got to 9 plus but given my history my clinic were happy w 8.5. hope this helps, X.

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